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Why Do Healthcare Background Checks Matter?

Companies carry out background checks to mitigate risks and ensure a safe workplace. Negligence in hiring can eventually lead to reputation and financial loss and result in lawsuits that drain money. Without carrying out an exhaustive pre-employment screening, it is difficult to substantiate the authenticity of the information produced by the applicant. If you’re suspicious of someone, you can do background checks to see if he/she has a criminal record. Visit Address verification services, drug tests, and criminal background verification constitute in-depth healthcare background checks. 

While criminal record check occur across industries, healthcare is a crucial sector that needs these verification checks. It is not enough that new hires possess the required credentials and proper training to do their specialized jobs. They must have a background that does not jeopardize patients and sensitive data. 

People’s lives and health are the healthcare industry’s domain. There is the need to alleviate any potential risk that is exceptionally high. It can be time-consuming to run a thorough‏ ‏healthcare background check‏ ‏on each potential employee, but it is indispensable. 

Why do healthcare background checks matter? 

Healthcare background checks allow the employer to be more proactive than reactive when hiring. They eliminate or at least significantly reduce the possibility of unforeseen circumstances arising. Here are the benefits and importance of Healthcare Background Checks: 

Authenticating credentials helps to expose frauds which can save lives

The Healthcare Industry is such a sensitive space that one may not fathom that people would fake their credentials which could cost a patient’s life. Yet they do. There are many convictions of and case courts of unskilled people who have faked credentials with impersonating medical professionals, including surgeons. Yet another example of this ill-fated scenario is a woman, without any medical training, who worked at a pharmacy and wrote 75,000 prescriptions.

It is, therefore, of utmost importance to deploy address verification services to conduct criminal background verification, ID verification, educational background checks, etc. It will help validate the candidate’s credentials. 

Since the question in this sector is about life and death, it is key that healthcare organizations verify the certifications and/or licenses of candidates they are hiring. 

Running social media checks can expose toxic behaviours that are unfavorable to responsible and compassionate care, that a patient needs.

The character of the applicant matters in the healthcare space, as they need to be ethical, compassionate, and responsive while providing care to a patient or a patient’s family. A healthcare worker’s job responsibilities entail interacting with people when they are most vulnerable and at their weakest. A social media check will reveal if the person is discriminatory and has certain preconceived biases. No one wants to hire a person who treats others differently based on sexual orientation, skin color, ethnicity, community, or religion. 

Conducting drug tests pre-employment and monitoring them periodically can help one hire confidently

The problem of substance abuse in healthcare professionals remains a problem year after year. Odd working hours, dealing with multiple traumatic situations, encountering deaths everyday, consoling grieving families, and other unforeseen circumstances are the characteristics of the healthcare industry. It is natural for medical professionals to face high levels of stress and physical agony that open the doors for various types of addiction. 

The thing with this career is the easy accessibility to those drugs and prescription medicines which can be troubling to the entire ecosystem. Drug abuse amongst healthcare professionals is ethically, morally, legally, and financially incorrect.

These can lead to grave issues if a medical professional treats a patient when under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Drug screening cannot end at pre-employment but must be an ongoing process, so the employer is alerted of the issues, allowing for immediate action.  


The existence of an excellent healthcare system and well-trained medical professionals is irreplaceable for any country. Despite the criticality of this sector, it often lacks the advanced technology to authenticate all the stakeholders from substance abuse, fraud, and exploitation. 

It is essential to use an innovative onboarding and verification software to carry out robust background checks that are non-negotiable in this sector. The healthcare sector cannot take hiring risks as they deal with the lives of people – thus, catching identity thefts, discrepancies, or financial fraud pre-employment is key. 

An unprecedented catastrophe like the recent pandemic echoes the importance of a robust healthcare infrastructure but, unfortunately offers loopholes to be exploited by scamsters. This makes it essential to conduct exhaustive healthcare background checks to mitigate risks.

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