Which pram is best for your baby?

Which pram is best for your baby? The pram is one of the most important purchases you will make for your baby. You should use a high-quality pram from the moment your baby is born to the time they turn three years old. If your child no longer requires a pushchair or pram, it’s best to have one.

Should I buy equipment for travel?

You can buy car seats and prams separately if you don’t wish to purchase a travel system. Although it is recommended that you purchase the parts from the same manufacturer as the car seat, some manufacturers offer clip-in adaptors that allow your car seat to be used with other prams. It is possible to combine brands to make the system you want. You should choose the best car seat for you.

What is the difference between a stroller and a pram?

Most manufacturers use the terms pram or stroller for short moms to describe prams. However, most are made to fit children from birth up to 36 months. Strollers can be used to transport toddlers and are usually lightweight, compact, and easy to handle.

What are the things you should consider before buying an infant stroller?


Ask if the pram you’re considering has rear-facing seating for parents for the first few months and forward-facing options for children. You want a pram that will last for the first few years. Also, make sure the seat (or bassinet) is reclined and has sleeping and sitting positions.


Does the warranty cover damage to the stroller? You can also get replacements for worn or punctured wheels. Ask about the possibility of getting spare parts, such as wheels. Do you think the pram you are considering will have an option to add a second seat for the luxury strollers?

Safety for babies

You want your child to feel secure in their stroller. Make sure you inspect the suspension system as well as how comfortable the seat is. 

Peace of mind

You must consider the comfort of your baby as well as that of the people who will be driving the stroller. It’s a smart idea to get a stroller that has an adjustable height handlebar if you and your companion are different heights. You should be able to push the stroller with enough space.


It is crucial to drive the stroller before you buy it. Is it heavy or easy to maneuver? Are you able to maneuver it in tight places or with many people? The pram you’re considering is difficult to use, too heavy, or not suitable for your lifestyle. Do you prefer twins to be in tandem or together?


The pram will be used where you plan. You might choose a model with smaller wheels if you plan to use your pram on flat and smooth surfaces like malls. To maneuver on uneven terrains like roads, curbs, or roads, you will need a larger model with bigger wheels. A running pram is best if you plan to jog. The stroller comes with three wheels. The front wheel is usually locked to keep the pram stable at high speeds. Take a look at the wheels. 


The pram’s suspension works in the same way as it does in cars. This allows your child to ride better on rough terrain. There are some strollers that don’t come with suspension.


Are you using an adjustable harness with five points or more? You should inspect the locks and brakes carefully and check the frame for any sharp edges or areas where fingers could get trapped. Is the pedal for brakes located where it is? Some prams have the pedal on the foot while others have it in the handbag.


What is the size of the pram folded and unrolled? How difficult is it to fold and unfold the pram? Are you able to lift it? Is it possible to lift the pram while still holding your child? How much does the stroller weigh? The pram will fit through a standard-sized car door.

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