What To Do When Your Marijuana Plants Won’t Flower

Suppose you purchased the bud from the I Love Growing Marijuana to grow your marijuana. Then you must be well aware that these plants use light as energy, and the light schedules play a vital role in determining the plant’s stage. The plants don’t start budding until the flowering stage that comes right after the vegetative stage. 

During the vegetative stage, you will not notice any buds. Instead, it’s just leaves and stems. It may be heart-breaking for you to see the cannabis plant you tended to for weeks through its vegetation without even throwing a single pistol towards you. Don’t worry. It will guide you through some of the most common flowering issues and how to solve them.

Difference Between The Vegetative Stage And The Flowering Stage

The plant contains particular organs referred to as chloroplasts that help to start photosynthesis by trapping sunlight. The plants take in specific amounts of moisture and produce sugar while releasing oxygen. In most cases, the outdoor plants easily survive the situation and start flowering within a few weeks. 

In contrast, the more giant seeds like the Indica and Sativa buds, which are grown indoors, require a change of lighting schedule to get the plants to start flowering. The Indica buds generally require 40 watts of HPS, whereas Sativa requires 60 watts. You can use fluorescent lights for this purpose. Using the cool white fluorescent light helps during the vegetative stage, whereas using the warm fluorescent light helps during the flowering period. 

The Common Flowering Problems And Their Solutions

If you don’t see any traces of flowering even after a few weeks of shifting the lighting schedule to 12 hours of darkness and 12 hours of light, then there may be three possible explanations. The grow room may have light leaks, you missed the schedule, and the lights were on for too long, or you kept the switch on when you needed utter darkness. 

Fluorescent Burns On The Leaves

Using fluorescent lights requires you to keep your plant at a minimum distance of a few inches from the sunlight, as keeping it very near to the light source will lead to damaging your plant. Another way of solving this issue is by wrapping a wire barrier around the tube to make sure that the frequent light burns reduce.

Disruption Of The Light Cycles

Dark Cycle

Keeping the lights on consecutively for a few days at the beginning of the flowering period may lead to the plant returning to its vegetative stage. The damage is much less when the plant has almost reached its last stage of development.

Light Cycle

Keeping the lights off consecutively for a few days leads to faster maturing of the buds. Even though that may not cause many problems, it is better to turn them on to carry on with the plant’s natural growth.

Both Cycles

The continuous switching between the light and dark stage potentially leads to hermaphroditic plants. Make sure you don’t mess up the light schedule for your high-quality seeds bought from adjust your timer to keep the cycle constant.

No Flowers On Indoor Plants

To solve this issue, offer your plant 12 hours of darkness for five days. However, the time of flowering may depend on the type of seeds you purchase.

Conclusively the above-given solutions can help your plant to Flower sooner than you realize.

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