There is more behind packaging than you think. And if you have any doubts about that, you should definitely read on below. Are you looking for a smart marketing tool or more efficient logistics? Then see in this article how good packaging can help you with that and get everything out of your cardboard box.

What functions does packaging have?

  • Protect your products.
  • Facilitate the transportation and storage of goods.
  • Put your brand in the spotlight and stimulate customer satisfaction.
  • Communicate information about the packaging and its contents.
  • Go upstairs

Packaging: every pot has a lid

Here we look at the four essential functions of packaging. First, we’ll start with the primary functions. These include the technical properties of a packaging, such as protection (1) and transport (2). Then it is the turn of the secondary functions. These refer to aspects such as marketing (3) and communication (4).

1. Protection

The original and probably most crucial function of packaging is the protection of a product. We also call this the ‘barrier function.’ Good packaging protects your goods during storage, transport, and shipment to the end customer. This protection can take place on three levels:

  • Protection against natural influences: examples of this are the interaction with water, gas, smoke, bacteria, heat, cold, vermin, etc.
  • Protection against physical effects includes shock, vibration, or the internal separation between your products.
  • The protection against your product itself: in this case, the danger comes from inside your box. The product you are transporting can itself pose a risk. Just think of chemical products. Strong packaging is indispensable to protect yourself and your environment.

2. Storage and Transport

This second point of a primary function brings us to the transportation and storage of goods. Again, good packing is indispensable for optimal storage. For example, using a box, you can safely stack your products on top of each other with as little space loss as possible.

By packing your products, you can also move them much more efficiently. Is there anything easier than stacking your packing on a pallet and transporting it with a pallet truck in one smooth movement?

3. Brand Awareness

As we mentioned in the introduction, packaging has great marketing value. Take, for example, the situation of e-shops. For many online stores, the packaging is often the first (and only) physical point of contact they have with their customers. All the more reason to personalize packaging in order to bring a unique message to your customer. For example, add a thank you note to the inside of your box. This way, you can distinguish yourself just that little bit more from the competition.

It cannot be underestimated how many people have had your box in their hands: from warehouse workers and couriers to the neighbors. Packaging is, therefore, an excellent medium to put your brand in the spotlight. Think of personalized packaging as a passive salesperson with which you can build a lot of brand awareness. Without having to do anything extra for that!

 4. Information carrier

Finally, a box in itself can tell you a lot about the product it contains. For example, is the product in the box temperature-sensitive or moisture-sensitive (use container desiccant for moisture prevention) or very fragile? How should you as a recipient deal with this? Using warning labels, for example, you know exactly what to do.

On the box, you can also find information about the packaging itself. For example, how should you open the box, or what should you do to recycle it? These questions are clarified in the blink of an eye by a printed symbol on the packaging.

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