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Benefits of mineral water you need to know

Mineral water is beneficial for the human body. It is a fact. Water with dissolved minerals is much better for us than desalinated water.

But what is the problem?

It is a fact that two out of three commonly installed domestic water treatment systems in the US create desalinated water. Both distillation and reverse osmosis do this.

There are two components to the mineral/de-mineralized water issue:

1. The human body needs a number of mineral water plant price in Pakistan to function properly. We all know that we need calcium, magnesium and potassium. In fact, we need much more. We know we need nutrients like manganese, boron, selenium, iodine, zinc and more.

Of course, we can get some of the minerals we need from food. But it is worth remembering that the Hunza and other peoples of the world who are the healthiest and longest-lived live high in the mountains, where they drink water so saturated with minerals that it is often muddy.

2. Removing minerals from water changes its pH, or acid-alkali balance, from alkaline to acidic. The body needs the pH of the blood to be slightly alkaline, and to maintain an alkaline blood environment, it eliminates calcium and potassium from bones and other tissues. Drinking acidic water exacerbates the problem.

Therefore, drinking demineralized water is unhealthy, no matter how pure it is.

Since we benefit from mineral water, what is the best treatment system for our homes?

Solid block activated carbon systems are the best for most households. Good multi-stage SBAC systems have a number of activated carbon blocks that do their job very well, filtering out all the contaminants you want to remove without filtering out the metals you want to retain.

The top-of-the-line equipment I have installed in my home removes over 99% of chlorine and lead. It removes over 99% of volatile organic compounds and benzene. It removes 99.99% of cysts. Of course, it removes all dirt and sludge.

Read more about VOCs and cysts:

Volatile organic compounds, or “volatile organic compounds,” are chemicals produced when chlorine added by water treatment plants breaks down into dozens of compounds, many of which are highly toxic. Oil and gasoline and other petroleum-derived compounds also produce VOCs, as do certain pharmaceuticals, fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides.

Cysts are tiny parasites, especially Giardia and Cryptosporidium, which can cause intestinal problems (even death in people with very weakened immune systems).

Finally, SBAC systems not only benefit mineral water, but are often cheaper to install and operate than reverse osmosis or distillation systems.

A better system at a lower price – what could be better?

Discover the best way to purify water for your home today

Bob Hurley is a dedicated advocate and researcher of the many benefits of safe, clean, healthy, filtered water. Visit his website to find out which products Bob recommends after careful research.

Why do we think mineral water is healthy?

What do you say about H20 Manganese Ion natural mineral water? What about other bottled brands? Which is the best choice? Let’s see if we can answer these questions here.

Claims made by companies should always be approached with skepticism. The more surprising a claim is, the more likely it is to be false. If an American company exaggerates, it can be sued by the Federal Trade Commission for making “unsubstantiated health claims”.

Also, dietary supplement companies are not allowed to recommend their products to treat certain diseases, but the makers of H20 Manganese Ionic Natural Mineral Water seem to think these rules don’t apply to them.

According to their website, their products are supposed to be good for asthma, carpal tunnel, spasms, infertility, libido, stunted growth, short leg bones, TMJ, tendon slippage and cartilage formation.

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