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You can get a souvenir ball for €95 a month (if you like to watch Allah or League of Legends) or €120 a month if you don’t want to stay. In any case, you’ll see a discount for the first four months, which will cost you $69, as well as a cheaper option, $89, which includes all footballs.

A top prize for TV viewing is the Low Fusion package. The main thing that Moister Fusion offers in Football is that they have a closed subscription that does not allow you to chat with Football without internet or change the status of your phone number.

Messenger spheres,

 Options Fusion (second and third in the table), you can choose between Monistat Lila or Moister Lima de Champions (channel with Internet connection, TV and phone number on LinkedIn). In addition, there are 300MB cables, unlimited cables and data cables and more than 80 channels, including a fusion option. There are also unlimited lines in GB even though the internet speed is 중계. Next up is the Fusion Total Plus (€175, €129 in the first four months) at the most affordable price. The offer includes two unlimited lines and other Monistat TVs.

When it comes to sharing your football values ​​with other players

Keep in mind that the Internet, TV and Mobile Monist allow you to watch TV news on other home devices with at least three viewers at a time, but you can search the network èzí online. Of course you can watch online football on a screen – from your mobile phone, computer, etc. – at the same time as the TV.

Bring the ball to the orange TV

If you’re looking for a place to watch football outside of Moister, there’s another way to enjoy Lolita Santander (great games included) at Orange 스포츠중계 Smart Bank, as well as LinkedIn or LinkedIn links. They vary in price from 95 to 130 euros and depend solely on the telephone and TV line.

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