Voice Instruction – Every Serious Singer Should Be Singing Karaoke

“Karaoke…that’s a game for praters and drunks. I’m serious about my singing, and would never perform at a karaoke club.” Would it surprise you to know that many recognized professionals use karaoke as a way to keep their performing chops up when they are off the road? Professional singers also use karaoke to test audience reaction to new material and arrangements. Let’s face it. Where else to you get a chance to sing in front of an audience (other than family and friends), work with a mice and speakers and receive honest feedback from all sorts of people?

It’s one thing to take singing lessons and practice at home,

 And quite another to experience singing before a live audience. If all you are doing is studying and singing in the shower you are like the golfer whose experience is limited to hitting balls at the driving range. Eventually they must being playing the actual game, and eventually you must perform before live audiences. An obvious problem with karaoke clubs is that many of them cater to a heavy drinking crowd, most of who can’t sing, or are there with their buddies just to have a party time. In these clubs it’s almost impossible to find a crowd that actually listens to you and reacts with applause and compliments.

But things have changed since karaoke has evolved

. Now, most areas have karaoke clubs which cater to more serious singers in all genres of music. It’s now possible to find a club where the clientele comes to hear rock many of these actually use a live band (which doesn’t fit with the theme of “karaoke”, but fills a need for rock singers to sing with a mic, have good accompaniments and experience a live audience that caters to rock. The same goes for pop, country and jazz.

You really should be풀싸롱 karaoke if you are serious about perfecting your craft. Spend some serious time locating the right club(s) and you will expand your enjoyment of singing and become much better at it. The pros do.

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