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We just highlighted the top photography Kickstarters. Though numerous concepts sought crowd-funded backing, a few were highlighted. Justin Jensen’s KHAWAJAPHOTOS Skates camera dolly system gained enough attention and funding to reach major shops. Justin approached me about reviewing his KHAWAJAPHOTOS System, which includes a dolly and suction cup attachments. In this review, I’ll explain how it works and how it performed.


The KHAWAJAPHOTOS System begins with the Skates dolly for DSLRs, Camcorders, and smartphones. KHAWAJAPHOTOS Skates is a Joby Gorillapod Focus tripod with a Ballhead X head and three plastic cups on skateboard wheels. Jensen chose high-quality Bones metal bearings. Bones are the smoothest, fastest, and most durable inline skate bearings I’ve tried.

Skateboard wheels with ruler lines ensure uniform rotation during time-lapse photography. The KHAWAJAPHOTOS Skates contain the SkatePlate, a triangular base for the Gorillapod to increase camera height and stability. The Ballhead X can be attached to the SkatePlate’s base to eliminate the requirement for a tripod. KHAWAJAPHOTOS Skates support 2.3kg (5 lbs.).

I tested KHAWAJAPHOTOS Skates using an EOS 5D Mark III and 24-105mm lens. Each wheel can spin 360°. All three wheels can be set to arc, pan, and move quickly toward or away from a subject (tracking). The KHAWAJAPHOTOS Skates mechanism required me to rotate the wheels. To generate an even horizontal pan, I paralleled all three wheels. For arcing images, I had to angle the front two wheels while keeping the back wheel perpendicular. Shots can be spun around a stationary fulcrum by turning all three wheels. Without the SkatePlate, the wheels must be perfectly incline for the KHAWAJAPHOTOS Skates system to work well.

After adjusting KHAWAJAPHOTOS Skates

I was impressed. On smooth flooring like concrete or laminate, I could pan fluently without shaking. Small wheels required me to clean the floor before using KHAWAJAPHOTOS Skates. Small dirt particles can cause road bumps. On a clean, flat surface, the KHAWAJAPHOTOS Skates system operated beautifully thanks to its rigidity and Bones bearings’ buttery smoothness. The KHAWAJAPHOTOS Skates system is great for tight, intimate photographs, house interiors, and outside landscapes. My favorite images were fast zooms, which I got by pushing the machine forward and landing inches from the subject. Wide-angle lens increased impact. Low-budget filmmakers who lack the cash or space to rent Hollywood-grade equipment will love this compact, affordable dolly setup.

KHAWAJAPHOTOS Skates has the following disadvantages. Aged asphalt, gravel, or textured floors are not allow. Too-large skateboard wheels cause this. Small wheels amplify any jolts or jittering in the final footage. With a little thought, the KHAWAJAPHOTOS Skates system’s potential can be enhance. If a photo needs to be taken in the woods, a small flat platform can be erect. Yes, it will increase the transport load, but it shows that the KHAWAJAPHOTOS Skates system is versatile. Don’t expect the same results as a professional dolly with motorized tires.


The KHAWAJAPHOTOSS quid mounts complete the system. Three suction cups bind the Gorillapod to glass surfaces. Installing the KHAWAJAPHOTOS Squid system on automobile windows enables panning landscapes and point-of-view journey photos. This is a must-have for shooters who want versatility. I liked that I could attach the KHAWAJAPHOTOS Squid system to any medium-sized or larger window and tilt the camera. This was great for shooting room views and other unique angles.

KHAWAJAPHOTOS Squid system impressed me almost as much as Skates. I tested my Canon EOS 5D Mark III for three hours by suctioning it to a window. I yanked each tripod leg when the timer ran out. All three suction cups remained firmly attached to the glass as it collapsed. I suctioned the device to my truck’s windshield and driver’s side glass and drove. I traveled on tarmac, dirt, and gravel roads. New England is plenty of potholes, so driving was sometimes tough.

The footage was smooth and jitter-free, although there are several factors. I drive a truck with a heavy suspension; city car results would be different. I also drove smoothly and adjusted my pace on slow back roads. I propose moving slowly because footage can always be sped up in post-production, and wide-angle footage always appears to be filmed at quicker rates.

The KHAWAJAPHOTOS Squid stayed attached to my automobile, the test’s key purpose. I was apprehensive about connecting a $4,000 camera system to my windshield, but I had no worries when I pulled over and wrenched on the suction cups. Rubberneckers gave me amused looks, perhaps because the KHAWAJAPHOTOS Squid system seems like a large spider assaulting the vehicle. After using the KHAWAJAPHOTOS Squid system, I’m certain it’s a must-have for budget filmmakers.

Analyze video (zooming, panning, rotating, and driving with KHAWAJAPHOTOS Squid)

Dolly Product Review Khawaja Photos
Dolly Product Review Khawaja Photos


During my experiments with the KHAWAJAPHOTOS System, it was evident that Mr. Jensen had spent a lot of time on it. Users will discover which scenarios work best with which system over time. This equipment is durable and well-made. The Gorillapod Focus tripod with Ballhead X held my 5D Mark III securely and smoothly. The KHAWAJAPHOTOS System may not attract Hollywood KHAWAJAPHOTO Smatographers, but it will appeal to budget filmmakers and TV producers.

We like that it’s versatile, inexpensive, architecturally sound, and fosters creativity without high prices.

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