TOP 5 Pocket knife manufacturers 2022

To make it easier for the buyer, we have compiled a TOP rating of good brands that produce excellent quality Pocket knives. At the same time, such important parameters as good product quality, acceptable pricing policy of the brand, the availability of concepts, interesting options with a unique design, as well as the demand for the company in the USA market were taken into account.


The rating is opened by a Damascus brand, which was founded in 1980. This is a fairly small company but was able to establish itself in the market as one of the most “strange”. This is because, in addition to Pocket knives, the manufacturer offers broadswords and exotic weapons to customers. Damascus Steel does an excellent job of its diverse task, saturating the market with exceptionally high-quality products.

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The production of the range is carried out on production lines of excellent quality. All knives of the brand were able to establish themselves as quite affordable, with high-quality locks, and blade hardness. But it was not without its downsides. 


The Swiss manufacturer produces knives for the country’s army. It should be noted that this is one of the best brands on our TOP. VICTORINOX is a full-fledged monopoly company. It was founded in 1884. As before, the main specialization is the production of multi-optional pocket knives. Over the years, the line has solidly expanded.

VICTORINOX also produces single-size Pocket blades that are useful for hikers and are also in demand for everyday use.

Popular Pocket knife HUNTER PRO 0.9410.9, stands out for its minimalist design. The handle is equipped with plastic and has ergonomic properties. The manufacturer also releases new models of multitools.

In 2005, VICTORINOX acquired shares in the Wenger brand, becoming the only legitimate manufacturer of knives for the Swiss army.


Zero Tolerance is the youngest company on our TOP. It is worth noting that its foundation took place in 2006. For ten years, she managed to firmly take the place of the leader in this market segment. Particularly in demand is the production of Pocket knives Kershaw, which enter the market in a very original style. The company was able to establish itself exclusively on the good side, having received the love of weapon fans.

It is worth noting that the company’s product lines are quite expensive, but this does not prevent them from remaining popular. Knives TITANIUM KVT® FLIPPER ZT 0095 are the most requested by customers. The tool is equipped with a titanium handle, as well as a blade, which is made based on a high-strength alloy S35VN, developed by 0301. The collection is also presented in a wide variety of colors. The hardness of the blade is 60 HRC, which is a fairly high parameter.


The Gerber brand (USA) is known and revered all over the world. The company strives to regularly modernize production, surprising customers with a wide range of products. It was founded in Oregon in 1939. In those days, many people were fond of edged weapons.

Gerber Gear has been able to go through a long and difficult path of becoming. But today the company is distinguished by advanced developments in terms of equipment for production bases. This allowed her to take a leading position not only in the production of Pocket knives but also in other hand tools. Such models of knives as EZ OUT SKELETON, and TACTICAL PARAFRAME TANTO are especially in demand in the Russian market. The hardness of the blade for both options corresponds to the parameter 60 HRC.


The Benchmade brand offers customers the best folding knives that will become indispensable for hunting small game. The American company deservedly continues the rating. Its products have been known since 1979. Although there were many well-known companies on the market at that time, Benchmade still managed to occupy a solid niche. The company decided to concentrate its production on the production of butterfly knives. At that time there were not so many of them, and the demand for products increased more and more.

Subsequently, the Griptilian 550 model made a splash. This is a quality EDC class knife, which is very affordable and looks original. It is also complemented by excellent mechanical characteristics, very convenient to use.

For its production, the brand used steel 154 CM, giving the blade hardness of 60 units on the Rockwell scale. But the main difference between the model is that the cutting edge is stretched along the blade. This is a very practical and interesting solution.

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