Top 10 Ghostwriting Stories for Your Kids

Childhood is fundamental for girls and boys:

Childhood is fundamental for girls and boys to get hooked on reading, to become fond of books, stories, and comics.

They are beginning to read or about to do so, and it is important that they read a lot,

look and look at books, and that we (parents, uncles, grandparents) tell them, of course.

At least one each day.

Today, hundreds of children ghostwriting services provide

great books, but we have selected some that we know or have at home, which are our favorites and our children’s.

Books and stories are excellent resources for working on their imaginations with children, both inside and outside the classroom.

 To fuel your passion for letters, we have prepared a selection of children’s novels

 (some of them bestsellers or classics) that stand out for the stories

1. Abracadabra Collection, by Neil Patrick Harris

At the moment,

there are three titles published in this excellent collection by the versatile

Neil Patrick Harris, available in Spanish.

He is famous for his children’s book editors skills and has published many stories.

This is an exciting story focused on magic 

(in fact, little tricks are taught in some moments of the reading),

with very good values ​​and a rich language without falling into excess.

They also stand out for the beautiful illustration details they contain and their very attractive hardcover covers. An essential collection in our selection of books for children aged 10 years.

2. – The Secret Life of Rebecca Paradise, By Pedro Mañas & Bea Tormo

One of the Barco de Vapor Awards that we liked the most, without a doubt. The work of Pedro Mañas and Bea Tormo has fascinated us. He is famous for his children’s book writing.

It is a story written humorously,

but that gives a lot to think about about the lie and the usefulness of having a double identity.

It also touches on a topic as current as having a blog.

Ben doesn’t want to stay with his grandmother because he finds her boring.

Until he catches her on the verge of committing a robbery at a jewelry store,

using a can of cabbage soup against the window display moon!

A book with an original plot read at full speed with a smile on your mouth.

4. The Ambigú & the Case of the Statue, By Flavia Company

This is the best children’s mystery book to read in one go.

The “Ambigú” are a group of friends who meet in the basement of a bookstore in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter,

and it is not the first time they have helped the police solve a mystery.

This book will discover the secret behind one of Michelangelo’s

most famous sculptures and help dismantle a large organization of art dealers.

5.  The House of Dragons, By Pablo C. Reyna

Really interesting children’s novel, a finalist for the Barco de Vapor Award. He won several awards for children’s book writing because of his impeccable skills.

Its protagonist, Marcos, is a big fan of a “Dragons Racing” saga

and is upset that his trilogy does not have a third party.

So you decide to find the author of your books to ask him to continue. And what you will discover next will keep us glued to the book without being able to blink.

6. My Brother Is a Superhero by David Solomon’s

Children’s narrative novel that captures the reader in just five pages,

which takes time to tell us how one of the two brothers receives powers from an alien who entrusts him with a very important and secret interspace mission while his brother was out to go to the bathroom.

Book well written, funny and entertaining, and it leaves you wanting to read the next collection.

By the way, just as good as the first installment in the second part, my gym teacher is an alien. Science fiction is an interesting plot that hooks from the first page, humor, and another 300 pages read without blinking.

We are hooking on this series by David Solomon’s,

and we would love for RBA Molino to publish in Spanish the other two that the author has already published in English.

Looking for quality children ghostwriting services? At Creative Writing Experts, we provide quality services with unlimited revisions.

7. – Charlie Becomes a Chicken, By Sam Copeland

A very original idea is the basis from

which this book starts:

the protagonist becomes “things” every time he gets nervous.

It is an intractable problem that will cause him many difficulties,

even more so if we add that it will soon be the school’s work

and that the bully wants to take advantage of his secret.

8. Who Do You Want To Be? By Carlo Frabetti

Last Steam Boat Award of 2020, awarded during confinement.

A story based on dialogue involves a girl and a wise teacher is delving into history or technology. A very philosophical book for children interested in discovering the importance of the adult world.

9. Letters from Santa Claus, By JRR Tolkien

Yes, it is a “Christmas” book,

but it is so beautiful and suitable for all ages that it seems appropriate for any time of the year. We are very much in love with this book by JRR Tolkien, the author of The Lord of the Rings.

Collect the letters and drawings that the author was sent to his children every Christmas posing as Santa Claus,

from the first note for his eldest son in 1920 to the last one he sent to his daughter in 1943.

Written in the mouth of Santa Claus, it tells the children dozens of anecdotes that occur at the North Pole,

in his workshop, or at home.

In addition to the North Polar Bear,

we will meet snow elves, red gnomes, snowmen, cave bears, his elf assistant,

and secretary Liberate, and even the Polar Bear’s nephews. A magic book!

By the way, if you like literature set around Christmas,

we recommend two wonderful novels for children aged 10-12 years: The Boy Who Saved Christmas and The Girl Who Saved Christmas.

10. Matilda, Of Roald Dahl

A true classic that tells a tough story through an admirable character is Matilda

, a very intelligent 5-year-old girl mistreated by her father and the school principal.

It is not a children’s reading parse.

However, it is certainly a wonderful book for adults, and its report of child abuse can be very crude for young

and especially sensitive children.

For this reason, we have doubted whether or not to include it in this selection since

we believe that maturity is needed to understand what the book relates to.

For example, not to be overwhelmed by some violence-related scenes and be aware that its exaggeration is almost humorous. Our 10-year-old Older has been shocked.

We could say that Matilda is a book complaint

about the cruel misunderstanding of adults towards children

 and how they manage to take revenge

However, the beautiful edition with the original illustrations is written by Quentin Blake,

known for his amazing children’s book writing skills.

So far, all the recommendations we can make about books and stories

for approximately 3 to 6 years (although many continue to succeed with more years).

And we’ve had to leave a lot out, but we couldn’t recommend 100 stories!

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