Things to do in Manali:

Think of snow peaks, green valleys, historical roots, and exciting new discoveries, Manali is a place to be. Also, Manali is a Himachal treks center of entertainment. The mountain station has a great place to give you a taste of entertainment. Despite the beautiful view that accompanies the happy ambiance, the main things to do in Manali are very attractive to visitors.

Create an unforgettable trip with the attractions of Manali. Whether it is a pleasant summer or a happy winter vacation in India, a mountain town is ideal. Although it has long, adventurous trip lovers and couples on a romantic honeymoon, it now finds families with a snowy winter holiday in India. In addition, the snow capped peaks, as well as the lush valleys of the lush, swift, and clear blue valleys provide a truly memorable sight for visitors.


River rafting in Manali is one of the main activities in Himachal. The Beas River, which flows through mountainous terrain, is full of spectacular scenery. Prepare for the thrill of surviving on the fast water on the raft. In fact, this experience is among the favorite memories of the Manali holiday.

Also, River Beas is known among the best rafting places in India. In addition, here are short episodes of beginner level as well as challenging challenges for tourism professionals. Also, Pirdi has a dedicated water sports center that offers a lot of adventure activities.

Best time for river rafting in Manali:

The best river rafting in Manali is in June and July. While the monsoon is limited to visitors for a few months, it resumes in late October and continues until early February.


Flying in the sky on a glider is among the favorite things you can do in Manali. The joy of enjoying flying like a bird promises to awaken a real adventure enthusiast for you. In addition, see for yourself the magnificent views of the Dhauladhar mountain range and the flowing river Beas. The flight time varies according to the winds. Choose tandem planes if it is your first time to participate in an adventure game.

Solang Valley is a popular place for paragliding recreation. Also, Gulaba, Marhi are some of the most popular destinations, paragliding in Manali is a very desirable activity.


Hadimba Temple is one of the main tourist attractions in Manali for tourists. It is a historic temple located about 1.5 km from Mall Road. Raja Bahadur Singh built a four-story wooden temple in 1553 in the middle of a dense jungle known as Van Vihar.

The pagoda style structure is dedicated to Goddess Hadimba. Although no idol is worshiped here, a set of footprints is revered as sacred here. For centuries, there has been an annual exhibition known as Bahadur Singh Re Jatar. Visit the temple to find its peaceful place. Also, do not miss the click of a beautifully designed image.

Best time to visit Hadimba Temple:

The best time to plan your trip is May, especially the Exhibition period.


Manali offers a wonderful encounter with ice. Skiing offers a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the fun of winter sports. Slide on the snow-covered slopes on your ski and enjoy the beautiful alpine views. It is one of the most sought after adventure games in Manali.

Another easy run is provided for beginners who can take a short course or simply hire a coach from the Mountaineering and Allied sport directors. Skiing facilities are available year-round at Rohtang. Professional hikers can also enjoy ice skating during the winter months. Solang Valley is known for its exciting winter skiing. One can also hike in Marhi, Gulaba and Dhundi.


Manali is truly a paradise for pedestrians. The Himalayas offer a lot of adventure. The beautiful scenery offers excellent scenery, located amid the scenery of the snow-covered Himalayas. Trekking is a new concept that is popular all over the world. This recreational activity combines spiritual health with physical well-being.

The most popular routes are Rohtang pass to the snowline, Bhrigu Lake Trek, Chanderkhani Pass, Tapri to Kalpa, Sar pass, Sangla to Baranag trek, etc. there are some seasonal trips and some you can leave at any time of the year in the mountains.

Best time to walk in Manali:

On a Low altitude tour, April to June.

On a High altitude tour, June to October.


Rahala Waterfalls is a picturesque area near Manali. The waterfall is on its way to Rohtang Pass. The waterfall is attributed to the melting of glaciers. Water flows from a high point of view and is a beautiful sight.

Stop for a moment and enjoy the splendor of the waterfalls. Get clicked, the photo will be a romantic memory of your holiday.

Best time to visit Rahala Waterfall:

May to October is the best time to visit the falls as they freeze in winter.


Throwing a big ball that shows across the slope, this is what zorbing is all about. Wouldn’t you like it? Zorbing in Manali is one of the most famous events in the hill station. Zorbing, also known as globe-riding, is a hobby or a game of rolling down the inside of an orb, usually made of transparent plastic. It is usually done on a steep slope. A 360 degree ball movement is pure fun as it belongs to the people who control their bowels.

Solang Valley is ready for you to try zorbing.

Best time to zorbing:

March to October without monsoon.

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