The Skill Set Of a Motion Graphic Designer

Whether you’re looking to build a graphic design team or want to outsource your efforts to a motion graphic agency to create assets for your campaign, you will need to check their skills and understand whether those freelancers or agencies are the right fit for your project.

Why is it important to review the skill set of a motion graphic designer?

Design skills are more than just being creative. Having design skills means that the person you’re hiring has the capability to engage your audience and transform your business. Hiring a great motion graphic designer isn’t easy, especially if you don’t have the skills yourself but with this list below, you can begin to understand what it is a good motion graphic designer needs.

Let’s take a look:

Graphic Design Skills

This one might seem obvious, but a good understanding of graphic design is essential for compelling motion graphic design. Motion graphics bring graphics to life through animation and by having a strong foundation in graphic design, this enables designers to enhance their animation work – especially freelance designers who will likely be tasked to create certain elements and make them move.

3D Design Skills

3D elements are establishing themselves as a staple in motion graphic design and they’re only getting more popular. From 3D logos to movie-style intros, you can see them everywhere! It’s essential that motion graphic designers have 3D design skills to stay ahead of the curve.

An Understanding of Animation

Motion graphic designers need to be able to bring 2D graphics to life through movement. Animation is an essential part of motion graphics, but it goes way beyond just setting up key frames. A sound understanding of animation fundamentals and how things should move is essential to create an appealing piece of work. The principals of animation apply to both graphic designers and character animators. Being able to exaggerate, use proper timing, and understand easing is critical to creating a successful motion design piece. A designer could be fantastic at creating graphics but if it’s not animated well the piece can easily fail.

Creative Thinking

One of the main tasks of a motion graphic designer is to animate graphic elements, but it’s also important they know how to do it well. Motion graphic designers may stumble across situations where the client provides little information, requiring them to use their creativity to turn a basic idea into a compelling motion design piece. The ability to take a simple concept and turn it into something engaging and eye-catching is a key aspect of being a successful motion graphic designer.

Technical Skills

In today’s digital landscape, motion graphics are created using computer programs which is why it’s so important that a motion graphic designer has a good understanding of them including the ability to understand new software. To do well in the industry, motion graphic designers should be proficient in various applications, operating systems, and cloud services.

Typography: The ability to choose the right solution

Typography is the boss when it comes to motion graphic design and often it’s the one in charge! For example, a motion graphic video might only feature typography to show the viewer the product, company or service so it’s important a motion graphic designer has a good understanding – how to pair it with a design, what’s easy for the audience to read and how aesthetically pleasing it is. Using the right typography in a video can really make or break it so make sure you take a look at some examples before deciding if the graphic designer is for you.

Colour Theory

Colour is an important element in every motion graphic design video. Designers should have a strong understanding of colour theory and understand how the colours they choose can evoke different moods and emotions with viewers. Choosing the right colours requires careful consideration – what message do they want to convey? This question can really impact the colour scheme of the video. For example, if a motion graphic designer is creating a video about summer, using dark tones is not the best choice as it will convey different feelings.

Communication Skills

A good motion graphic designer needs to be an effective communicator, be it with clients or with creative directors. A motion graphic designer needs to be able to clearly convey their ideas, concepts and any necessary changes or concerns to non-designer clients. Effective communication skills are key to ensure ideas are understood and timelines are followed.

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