The Genealogy Of Hold’em Sites And Online Hold’em

The playing card game poker genealogy consists of five cards, and Texas Hold’em also utilizes this genealogy. However, the hand ranking in Short Deck Hold’em is slightly different. Flex Hold’em uses a Texas Hold’em game with general rules, so you can enjoy the game after learning the 10 types of poker genealogy below. The strongest genealogy is in the top row and goes from top to bottom. The weakest card is the High Card.

1. Royal Straight Fluch

The Royal Straight Flush is an Ace High straight flush. For example, if AKQJ-10 are all diamonds

2. Straight Flush

​The Straight Flush consists of 5 straight, all of the same pattern. For example, 7-6-5-4-3 is all spades

3. Four of a kind

​When all 4 numbers are the same. For example, if there are 4 Jack cards, and if the opponent and the opponent become four cards at the same time, the game is decided by the last kicker card.

4. Full house

A full house is a combination of three of a kind + one number card (Pair) . Example: In a full house like QQQ-22, the player with the highest number of triples wins, and in the case of equal triples, the player with the highest pair wins.

5. Flush

A flush is when all 5 cards are of the same pattern. For example, KQ-9-6-3 is all diamonds. In the case of the same flush genealogy, the player with the highest flush card wins. In Texas Hold’em, there is no high or low pattern.

6. Straight

When there are 5 cards in order  ​​—the highest straight is called 10-JQKA, which is called Mountain.

7. Triple (Three of a kind)

​When 3 cards have the same number, 11.76% of the chances of getting a triple on the flop when receiving a parquet pair from a hole card is 11.76%.

8. Two Pair

​When there are two pairs of cards of the same number. For example, two Js and two 8s

9. Pair

Two cards of the same number. For example, if Qq

10. High card

This is the highest card.

​Hold’em is a game that creates the best 5-card poker genealogy with 7 cards (5 community cards and 2 own hole cards). In other words, in a genealogy situation where two players are the same 4-4-3-3 two-pair, the one remaining card, that is, the high card of one of the two players, the case with the highest ‘Kicker’ wins. For example

If the highest 5 cards of Player A are on the left and the highest 5 cards of Player B are on the right, Player A wins with the Q kicker.

In the case of a triple, two-pair, one-pair, etc., the kicker is also an important card to determine the winner.

Advantages of online hold’em on hold’em sites

1. Time: Online 홀덤사이트 has the great advantage of being able to enjoy 24 hours a day, anytime, anywhere as long as you have a mobile device, regardless of time and place. In addition, online hold’em is faster than offline hold’em, and you can play whenever you want without waiting for your opponent. A fast game speed also creates conditions for you to accumulate your own hold’em experience more quickly. In addition, if you enter the game at the same time as a multi-table, you can get more than double the experience for hold’em.

2. Convenience: There is probably not a single person who does not currently have a mobile device. In line with this, Online Hold’em has changed so that it can be enjoyed not only on PC, but also on Android and iPhone (IOS), and Online Hold’em, which builds a more convenient interface for users, has become very popular. Flex Hold’em is gaining a lot of popularity because it allows you to change the user-friendly interface of mobile devices and the difference in tastes between horizontal and vertical screens through in-game settings.

3. Easy start: The advantage of online hold’em is that you can enjoy fewer blinds compared to offline. The smallest blind of Flex Hold’em is 200-400, so even beginners can enjoy low-blind games that are difficult to find in offline hold’em, so the entry barrier is low.

4. Tournament: Another attraction of online hold’em is the tournament. The prize money you get for a modest entrance fee is perfect for enjoying at home.

5. Safety: Offline hold’em is dangerous enough that it is not strange to be involved in a criminal case at any time, and online hold’em is a means to protect one’s body from Corona 19. Flex Hold’em is a game that has passed the game rating review that has been officially licensed overseas, so you can take responsibility for your safety.

6. HUD Programs: Some online hold’em offer HUD program services. This is a tool to analyze your own play style, and it is a useful online hold’em tool as you can also recognize the opponent’s style through this, and Flex Hold’em provides a HUD program.

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