The Best Food You Can Only Get in Nashville 

Nashville is a city with a lot of personalities and so many claims to fame that it’s hard to keep up with them.  Although there’s a lot of food that’s become blanket-statement southern food, there are some dishes that Nashville just does best.

These are the best foods you can only get in perfect form in Nashville, and what sets them apart from the rest of the world? 

The Original Hot Chicken

Hot chicken has become a huge sensation in recent years, with Hattie’s Hot Chicken becoming a national chain to take the flavor to everyone.  What people don’t know is that Hattie’s isn’t the original, and it’s definitely not the best!  

Hot chicken is made by frying the chicken and then drizzling spicy oil on top.  This leaves it crispy and mouth-singingly spicy.  It’s the best in its hometown!

Fried Pickles That Stay Crispy 

Many cities offer fried pickles, but they’re usually lackluster.  If you want good fried pickles, you need homemade thick-cut pickles, a good beer batter, seasoning, and hot oil.  Most places mess up at least one part of this recipe and leave it soggy or flavorless.  

Nashville always fries it just right and creates dish after dish of perfect fried pickles.

Meat and Three At Any Restaurant

If you’re starving after a full day of looking at Nashville houses for rent, you might be confused when you find your first menu that offers a ‘Meat and Three.’  Meet, and three simply means that you pick one meat and three fixings on the side.  This could mean a main of pork and sides of cornbread, mac and cheese, and green beans- or a great serving of fried chicken with sides of beans, fried okra, and mashed potatoes.  Whatever you pick is up to you, but it always tastes good! 

Real Tennessee Whiskey

Whiskey is a fantastic liquor that can go down smoothly when made correctly.  There’s nothing as smooth or strong as real Tennessee Whiskey made and served in Nashville.  This flavor is only better when prepared and enjoyed while watching some of the incredible live shows that vill the city.

Biscuits and Gravy How They Should Be Had

Biscuits and gravy are a specific treatment that you may think you understand, but you probably don’t have the full picture.  This is only done right with laminated biscuits, full of layers and fluffy texture ribboned with a buttery flavor.  

Your gravy has to be sausage gravy that’s thick and white while freckled with a lot of pepper.  

You don’t just drizzle a little on your biscuits. You need enough to almost drown them, so they’ll be smothered and delicious.  Some like hot sauce drizzled on top of this, but that’s up to personal taste.  

Nashville Does Food Right

The taste may be something we all differ on, but Nashville knows how to satisfy.  If you’re ready for a one-of-a-kind meal and are in the area, consider looking out for one of these hot staples that define the city.

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