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Safe Fun In The Sun: The Best Sunscreen For Kids And Babies

Playing outdoors in the sun is vital for a kid’s health and development. It fulfills the need of Vitamin D, aids in developing the musculoskeletal system, and promotes emotional stability. It also boosts immunity and has other therapeutic benefits. 

Some of the best childhood friends and memories are made while having fun in the sun. However, a portion of the sun’s energy is emitted as UV radiation, which can burn the skin and cause cancer. Consequently, it is critical to protect your kids from the sun’s harmful rays while enjoying the outdoors.

The solution is to stay inside or under shade when the sun is blazing, specifically between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Nevertheless, they must apply sunscreen daily and reapply it every 2-3 hours even when they are indoors for optimum protection.

Do kids Need Special Sun Protection Cream?

Yes, both babies below five years and kids of 6 and above need sunscreen. 

A baby’s skin is more delicate than an adult’s skin, making them more vulnerable to sun damage. Even if they spend more time indoors, sunscreen is essential for safeguarding their sensitive skin.

For kids, applying a generous amount of sunscreen is important as they spend most of their time playing outside in the sun. It is crucial to shield them with the best sun protection cream and let them have non-stop fun. 

If you’re a first-time buyer, it is easy to get confused about selecting the best sunscreen for babies and kids in India. Read on to learn about baby’s sunscreens and what to look for when buying sun protection cream.  

How does sunscreen help?

The sun emits two different types of rays: UVA and UVB. Sunburns are caused by UVB rays, whereas UVA rays inflict deeper, longer-term damage and premature skin ageing. A broad-spectrum sunscreen helps protect against both UVA and UVB radiation. Sunscreen is used to prevent sunburns, tanning, and the long-term effects of UV exposure, such as an increased chance of skin cancer. Since this sun damage happens throughout childhood, it is vital to protect your younger one’s skin from the sun – it will help them for the rest of their lives!

Now that you have understood sun damage, let’s figure out what’s unique about a kid’s sun protection cream.

Why go for specific sunscreens for babies?

Baby sunscreens are like adult sunscreens, except they are gentler on the skin. They contain natural, anti-allergic, and mineral-based ingredients that hydrate and soothe your baby’s skin while protecting it from dangerous UV radiation.

Apart from the cute packaging, the most distinguishing factor is that they are created keeping baby’s and kids’ sensitive skin in mind, so it is free of irritating substances or chemicals. They are sweat-proof and water-proof to make playtime and pool-time safe and fun. 

Dermatologists recommend sunscreen with an SPF 20 or above for babies (0-5 years) and kids.

Things to consider while buying sun protection cream

Both babies and kids should use mineral (physical) sunscreens with ingredients like titanium dioxide rather than chemical sunscreens. This is because they are less irritating in nature and are the most effective at blocking UVA and UVB radiation. Opt for ones with natural ingredients like chamomile or calendula extracts that have anti-inflammatory and alleviating properties that reverse sun damage.

Baby sunscreen containing natural active ingredients are highly recommended for a baby’s sensitive skin. They not only protect the skin from UV-induced oxidative stress but also act as a barrier to prevent tanning. You can try Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Kids Sunscreen Cream SPF 25 (for kids) or Lotus Herbals BABY+ SUNSCREEN SPF 20 PA+++ (for babies). These two sunscreens are a safe choice to protect your younger one’s skin from harmful UV rays and provide them with utmost care.


Sunscreen and summer fun are synonymous, but it is essential to use them throughout the year. The risk of skin damage exists as long as the sun spreads harmful UV rays; that is probably forever! Use sunscreen for kids and babies and keep them protected from harmful rays all year long. 

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