The introduction of the plastic bag tax has resulted in a tremendous increase in the popularity of printed paper bags, and Retail Bags are no exception. their robustness and versatility make them an amazing success, and an FCB bestseller!

What Exactly Is Kraft Paper?

The term “Kraft” is derived from the German word for “strong,” which is one of the best aspects of utilizing Kraft paper. It is extremely durable, even more so than regular paper, and may be used for a wide range of enterprises.

Kraft is a type of paper that is produced by a chemical pulping process that employs sodium hydroxide and sodium sulfide. The wood pulp is crushed and mixed into big sheets of strong brown wood filament. And the addition of sulfate during the conditioning process helps to raise the overall tensile strength of the produced paper.

Natural Kraft paper is brown, giving it a genuine feel. However, it is possible to bleach the paper to achieve a range of hues ranging from natural brown to pure white.

What Kinds of Kraft Paper Exist?

Although the typical brown type is probably what comes to mind when you hear the term “Kraft paper,”. There are many more varieties of this highly sturdy stuff that are suitable for a variety of applications and industries.

Virgin Natural Kraft Paper is a colossal force in the world of paper and packaging. Its fiber content makes it extremely durable and strong, as well as inexpensive. This sort of Kraft is a wonderful choice. If you require a material that is sturdy and has a high level of tear resistance. It is also suitable for printing, branded packaging, and protective layers!

Natural Recycled Kraft Paper – While not as robust or tear-resistant as virgin natural Kraft paper, natural recycled Kraft paper is a more environmentally responsible solution, ideal for those seeking material with a lesser carbon impact.

Black Kraft Paper — this type of Kraft is most commonly used as the black, robust backdrop in photo frames.

Colored Kraft Paper: Available in every color imaginable, colored Kraft paper is a popular choice for crafty projects such as scrapbooking, constructing displays, and is a top seller in schools.

White or Bleached Kraft Paper: Similar in strength and durability to virgin Kraft paper, Kraft can be bleached white to create a cleaner, more modern aesthetic impact – and it’s extremely popular for wrapping and packaging.

Printed Kraft Paper: Something we know a little about, Kraft paper can be printed with custom branding and used for wrapping, packaging, displays, and, well, absolutely anything! Because Kraft works so well when printed on, it is extremely adaptable and suitable for a wide range of enterprises.

Are there any Kraft products at The Printed Bag Shop?

We’re delighted you inquired! Great news: one of our best-selling products is our twisted handle paper bags. Which are made of Kraft paper and have all of the benefits of Kraft paper.

Twisted handle paper bags, which are quickly becoming a high-street staple, are not only of exceptional quality. But also quite adaptable. They’re durable, reusable, and recyclable, with a low carbon footprint. And, regardless of your business or brand, our twisted handle bags may work for you. Because they can be printed with anything from single spot color to full CMYK photographic images.

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