Which is better, machine or hand plaster

The above benefits of mechanical mortar-like Plaster Spray Machine unequivocally, and genuinely cover the old technique for mortar – manual. Nonetheless, to comprehend not one-sid, which mortar is better, machine or manual, it is important to complete relative investigation. Really at that time would you be able to see the distinction between these strategies.

Since here we are discussing individual clients, we will at the same time consider a singular house and a condo, or at least, orders for works from 50 m 2 to 250 m 2.

At the cost, a dry blend for plastering stations is less expensive than a comparable for work with a scoop. Sounds persuading and simultaneously compares to reality. However, who said that gypsum-based blends will utilize for manual plastering? They are extremely awkward to work with and monetarily expensive. The utilization of cement, sand and concrete blenders prompts the way that materials for manual work cost 2-3 times less. What’s more the thicker the mortar layer, the more perceptible the distinction.

For sure, while utilizing a dry arrangement during the activity of a machine station, 3 kg of mortar save per 1 m 2 (utilization 13 kg versus 16 kg, separately). Be that as it may, while supplanting it with cement-sand mortar, this benefit vanishes because of the low cost of the mortar combination.

The nature of work is higher. The contrast between Spraying Plaster On Walls and manual plaster, in the field of mortar quality, is fanciful. Dependent upon innovation, there is no distinction in quality. The issue of more extreme surface-breaking in cement mortar tackles by utilizing fiberglass filaments. Its utilization all the more keeps the mortar layer from contracting and breaking than in a gypsum arrangement applies by a motorize strategy.

The washroom and latrine must be put by hand due to the mortar arrangement. The most ideal choice is to share these works with a tiler, so everything looks great with the nature of the laid tiles later – they won’t move the fault on one another.

As may be obvious, the upsides of plastering stations have not yet been found. Maybe they are at the expense of work, which is regularly a definitive contention.

Which is less expensive

Costs for machine plastering work start at 220 rubles/m2 (information for St. Petersburg), for manual plastering – from 250-300 rubles/m2 for the principal layer because of the requirement for preliminary work and around 550 rubles. /m 2 while applying 3 layers.

From the start, everything is clear here. Be that as it may, not all things are so basic. Assuming everything is clear with the sticker price of plasterers with a scoop, then, at that point, on the opposite side, it is shape based on many elements.

1. Determine the value it utilizes with a volume of work from 2,000 m 2 and then some. With a diminishing volume, the expense of plastering increments. The client might protest – the machine station will finish the work in 5-6 hours. I will pay for myself and I will win. In any case, significant focuses overlook here:

  • It requires some investment to set up the surface and introduce the signals. They will remember for the cost;
  • There are unplaster slants – they are made exclusively manually. They are not and can’t be in the value list. It won’t attempt to welcome to these works from outside – experts generally reject, since there is a difficult situation, yet minimal expenditure. Aces motorize mortar they take 1.5 twice something else for such work, since their work is by and large like a lot higher;
  • The cost incorporates the hour of moving, setting up the station for work, washing it toward the finish of the shift. These sums are huge, while being fix. It is one thing to separate huge number of rubles by 2,000 m 2, and another, by 50-250 m 2.

2. The cost for work does exclude the expense of power. The property manager should pay.

3. One more component of machine mortar – the cost does exclude work on the establishment of mortar corners. They are paid independently.

To completely get what is better – automate or manual plastering of walls, we will do extend computation of the expense of work per 100 m 2 of the wall.

Professionals of machine mortar:

1. Quick application.

  • Plastering in one-room condo should be possible in only three days.
  • You should turn out physically for 7-10 days (albeit the work can be speed up assuming that you utilize a few bosses simultaneously).
  • That is, the machine technique is 2-3 times quicker than the manual one. Yet, just at the phase of utilization (see subtleties underneath).

Plaster Spray Machine
Plaster Spray Machine

2. Investment funds.

  • Machine mortar permits you to save money on filler work. Later “manual” plastering it expects to apply 2 layers of clay, and after machine mortar – just 1 layer.
  • To apply clay in 2 layers costs 300 rubles for every sq meter, in 1 layer – 150 rubles.
  • Altogether, with machine mortar, wall fixes will cost 150 rubles less per square meter. Suppose that the area of ​​the walls in the loft is around 100 square meters, and that implies we will save 15,000 rubles. We will mortar one room with a wall area of ​​40 square meters, and that implies we will save 6,000 rubles.


The above contentions say that a private client has just a single decision: cement, sand, concrete mixer. Home adornment is seldom finish without mortar – a reliable and successful covering, the interest for which is just developing throughout the long term. Yet, all phases of plastering require huge actual expenses, so the usefulness of its manual execution isn’t high.

 Because of the steady improvement of completing advances, not just instant dry blends have been foster that works on the readiness of mortar, yet additionally hardware for applying mortar to the base precisely.

The development of mechanical strategies for plastering significantly work with craft by finishers, yet clients regularly have a characteristic inquiry – to improve things or more regrettable, such a completion contrasts from a hand-made covering. Consider the benefits and drawbacks of this innovation in correlation with the exemplary way of plastering, the attributes of which are well known.

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