Want to Know How to Sign into Verizon Email? Here’s the Way.

Verizon was a service which was provide by Verizon communications but later on in the year 2017. This email service was moved to AOL, another company which owns its own email services. But the users of Verizon email do not need to worry as they can still access Verizon email login using AOL. Along with this the users can also create a new account if they want to on Verizon.

Signing up for a New Verizon Account –

Since, the Verizon announce its services were taken off in the year 2017. And it has given the customers to change their email addresses to AOL at In addition, to this the users have to go to the or to the website. If they want to sign in to a new mail account instead of Verizon email sign in page.

Steps to Login into the Verizon net Email –

Now, the users who have an account on Verizon but are not aware how they can login into their account. Then also they do not need to worry as below we are going to provide you the steps for the same.

To do this they need to follow the steps which are mention below for the users –

  • For the initial step the users have to go to the login pages of AOL or Yahoo using the browser you are using on the device you are using.
  • In this step, the users have to now fill in their full email address. Which they have created while creating their Verizon account in the respective box. And then move to the click the next option.
  • Now, the users have to fill in the password of their Verizon email account. But make sure that you are filling it correctly as it might be case sensitive so you need to be careful with it.
  • In the last step, when you have filled in all the details asked. You just have to hit on the login button to login email.

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Solutions to Fix Verizon Login not Working Properly –

In case you are not able to login into your Verizon email then this might be because of some errors but don’t worry you will get the quick solutions for the same.

  • You should ensure that the internet service you are using is working properly.
  • You also need to check if you are entering the details properly. Or not because this could cause email login issue.
  • Try to login into your Verizon account using a different computer.
  • You can also try to clear the browser’s cache file, cookies, history and then try to login again.
  • You can also go to in incognito mode and then login into your account.

For more informative and reliable knowledge about Verizon. The users need to visit Emailsdesk as here in this site they will get all the information. They need to know as this site is easy and simple to navigate for the users.

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