How to Protect Your Baby from Toxins at Home.

Toxins in our environment can have a huge impact on our health. Babies are especially vulnerable to toxins, as they tend to be more sensitive and absorb pollution at an increased rate. 

Most of us don’t think about toxic chemicals until we become pregnant or we find out that our child has been diagnosed with a chemical-induced illness. This is important information to know, so here are some ways to keep your nannusays safe from harmful substances while they explore life outside the womb.


What is a toxin?

Toxins are usually chemicals that can negatively affect the body. There are many different types of toxins, but some common examples are pesticides, mercury, and lead. If you think your baby may expose to a toxin, it’s important to talk with your pediatrician and find out what you can do to keep them safe.


How do toxins affect your baby?

The first step in countering toxic chemicals is to know how they affect your child. Toxic chemicals can impact your baby’s health in a number of ways, including:

Healthy development and growth

Mental health

Physical health

Nervous system damage

Behavioral problems

Brain damage and developmental disorders

Vision impairment 

Hearing loss and other types of sensory impairments   

Learning disabilities, including ADHD and autism spectrum disorders


What are the most common toxins found in our homes?

The most common toxins found in our homes are cleaning products and household chemicals. These substances can cause serious health issues, especially when inhaled or ingested.

How to protect your baby from toxins at home:

Wear gloves when you’re cleaning, especially with harsh chemicals like bleach.

Use natural cleaners instead of toxic cleaners.

Make sure your child’s room is outfitted with non-toxic safety gear like a crib that won’t tip over and non-toxic paint.

Let children play outside as much as possible in the fresh air.

There’s a new daycare trend today. Baby-friendly care. It is designed to keep babies safe and happy while they’re at daycare by providing a schedule that is baby-friendly (which means it’s nap time).


How can we avoid harmful substances from our homes?

Many toxins are find in the everyday items that we use every day. but there are a few things you can do to avoid these items, which is a good place to start:

• Buy organic goods.

• items with less packaging.

• Purchase “green” cleaners.

• Avoid using personal care products that contain chemicals linked to brain and nervous system damage.



Before you bring your baby home, you should know what toxins are lurking in your house and what they can do to your nannu says. The first thing you should do is make sure all surfaces in your home are free of potential hazards. 

You can do this by cleaning out and replacing the furniture and other fixtures with items that meet but the guidelines set by the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE). 

For example, paint off the walls, remove wallpaper and replace it with materials that adhere to ASTM F-1447 Standard Practice for Surface-Mounting of Acoustical Ceiling Tile.

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