How to Make the Most of IGTV

IGTV is a brand new app that comes from Instagram that is fantastic in increasing engagement of users. But, since it’s fairly new, many marketers aren’t sure how to utilize IGTV properly. If you’re among the latter, you’ve come to the right spot. The blog article will provide you with some ideas on how you can make use of IGTV, starting with how to upload your videos to the creation of content to create the subsequent IGTV video. First, let’s look at the reasons IGTV along with video marketing generally will be the future of marketing via digital channels. Purchasing IG Views is the common practice that you can also adopt.


It’s a extravagant statement, but research shows that’s exactly the most likely scenario after Google The current largest site in the world is YouTube which is a video sharing platform. A third of internet users, which is around 1.9 billion people, are an active YouTube account.

 A total of one billion hours of videos is watched on YouTube each day. What is the amount of videos watching every day on other platforms? Following the popularity of Instagram Stories with its short video format it’s not surprising why Mark Zuckerberg wants to mimic the popularity of YouTube’s longer-form video format. In the year 2018, Instagram TV was born to contest YouTube’s dominance.

How to Make Use of IGTV

Simply put, IGTV is a video sharing application which can be accessed via the Instagram app. It can be opened from the Instagram application or downloaded on its own. Users are able to upload videos of up to 10 minutes in length, and verified accounts are able to upload long-running videos. Go through this article for more information about the features of IGTV is, the capabilities it provides and how it is distinct in comparison to YouTube.

The app is relatively new, meaning it’s not ad-free, and many brands haven’t switched yet. Therefore, now is the best time to start creating those IGTV videos. If you’re not certain what type of video you should create, stay tuned as we’re about to offer you 10 ideas for video content for you to use for your IGTV content.

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Once your channel is created, you are able to begin uploading videos.

  • Go to this link:
  • Tap the big + button to the left to add an audio
  • Modify your cover image to work as thumbnail
  • Include the title (max. 75 words) and a description (links are available here)
  • Click on the Facebook page under “Make Visible On” to publish a post on Facebook.
  • Tap Post and you’re set to go!

Video Ideas for your Content

After you’ve figured out how important videos for marketing and how you can make use of the platform IGTV, there’s one more thing to talk about. What kind of content can you expect to see on IGTV? There isn’t a method to achieve the success of IGTV, we can study the best brands and marketing. Here are 10 video concepts to incorporate into you IGTV promotional campaign


One of the least expensive yet most effective types of video is Vlogs. It’s all you need is your smartphone to capture your day-to-day activities without any editing. It’s so efficient because, unlike advertisements, the audience perceives vlogs as authentic communication of the company. But there’s a crucial principle to ensure that this works and that is you must be a striking persona to represent the brand.

Recycled videos

Another kind of content that consumes the most resources is recycled videos. It could be a re-uploading of videos from different channels such as YouTube, Facebook Ads, or even TV commercials. It is also possible to create an amalgamation of your previous Instagram Stories. Over the last several years the number of television viewers has decreased due to the advent of Netflix, YouTube, and the newest IGTV. Tiffany & Co is aware of this. They uploaded their TV commercials via IGTV in order to connect with a different audience that may not ever again watch television.

User-generated Content

User-generated content can be described as any type of content (videos audio, images and so on.) that users post on platforms such as social networks. In essence, all you need to do is post that content to your channel.One example of content created by users comes via Honest Company is a company that sells baby and beauty products established by Jessica Alba.


The most crucial guidelines for using IGTV is to make content that aids people accomplish something. What’s more beneficial and valuable than instructional videos? A quick video on tips and tricks can aid users in learning and doing something completely new. Make instructional videos that reflect your expertise and industry that will inform the viewers while subtilly promoting yourself. Similar to this one taken from Taste made an online digital travel and food network. In this video of 2 minutes, Taste made showed the audience how to make homemade custard donuts.

Funny Videos

One of the most effective methods of generating reactions is to get people laughing. This is why uploading funny videos occasionally is always a good idea. You can learn a lot from this great video by Netflix. In June of 2018 they unveiled their IGTV channel, which featured an hour-long video featuring Cole Sprouse eating a burger. Yes, that’s what that he did in the video. Cole Sprouse is one of the main characters of Riverdale the TV series of Netflix. It’s an excellent move from Netflix. Instead of releasing a generic trailers for the upcoming season of Riverdale they posted this humorous video that certainly has people talking.

Video Series

As the name implies having the IGTV channel is similar to having your own television channel. You can make any type of show you’d like to see. Make the perfect IGTV series, in which you regularly upload videos every week, daily or even monthly. Keep in mind that consistency is among the key ingredients to the success of everything you do, which includes developing your IGTV channel.Also, don’t overlook an introduction sequence for your show. A brief, enticing introduction video will give your series the same look and feel and allows viewers to instantly connect your brand to the great content. You could also make use of the intro maker software to help make your life simpler.

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