How to Combine PDF Offline

If you are worried about uploading your PDF files online in order to combine or merge them due to the safety and security issues, you are not alone.

Cybercrime is at an all-time high, and you never know which online tool turns out to be a malware or cyber thief.

So what is the ideal solution here?

Should you give up on your quest of combining more than one PDF files? Definitely not!

Thankfully, PDF Combine software clicca qui is here to help you out.

The tool works as a portable version which means that you don’t need to upload anything online, or even have an active internet connection to perform the combination. All you need to do is run the .exe file, and the entire conversion will be performed on your machine. This ensures that all your confidential files and personal information are safe.

The good news is that the program is capable of combining more than 100 files in a single go. Sounds good, right. Let’s see how you can do it.

5 Steps to Combine PDF Offline

1.Download PDF Combine.

2. Run the .exe file that you just downloaded.

3. Click Add and drag and drop all the required files that you need to merge.

4. You can also sort the files in the order you will like the files to appear once merged.

5. When everything looks good, click Combine Now!

You will be redirected to the destination folder in which the new PDF file is saved. You’re done. What’s more, you get to choose the original formatting and page length as that of the PDF pages that need to be merged. Thus, you don’t lose the original formatting in any way!

How Combining PDF Files Helps You Out?

In addition to facilitating you with ease of use, merging PDF files also provides you with a range of other advantages. You get to save the PDF printing time, as instead of sending a printing request meant for every file, you can now send just a single printing request. Further, merging the PDF files also get to save time in uploading. The final file is much lesser in size and can be uploaded easily.

All these factors make combining PDF files a viable option you must go for!

How to Combine PDF Files Offline by PDF Combine Software – Video Guide

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