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How to choose the right office safe?

Thieves first target commercial and industrial properties because they contain a large amount of computer equipment, confidential documents, and sometimes money. Over 17,000 burglaries are reported every year, with an average cost of $2,900.

These thefts, representing more than 40% of burglaries in the USA, only increase in this period of health crisis where companies are deserted by employees to telework, leaving the way open to thieves.

Therefore, it is essential to secure the company’s assets as much as possible using a safe that is resistant to break-ins and fire.

Locksmith Tampa Direct offers a wide range of security safes with very good value for money, made in the USA. Our security safes can meet any need, available in different sizes and with several types of locks to choose from.

Choose your secure safe

First and foremost, when selecting a safe, it is critical to ask yourself the right questions. We have supplied a quick overview of these questions for your convenience, and we will respond to them.

What type of property do I want to protect and secure? (jewelry, works of art, valuables, sensitive documents, everyday objects such as keys, identity papers, passports)

  • What is the value of the effects to be protected?
  • What volume will these effects represent in terms of space in the trunk?
  • Where to place the safe for maximum security?
  • How much money do I have set aside to purchase my safe?

The insurable value of a safe

A safe is a great way to keep your personal belongings, valuables, and other valuables safe from theft. However, you must first determine the value of your belongings before selecting a safe. According to the insured value, the 7 safe security classes are listed below.

-The more expensive the safe, the higher the class.

If the safety value is considerable, you’ll need to provide your insurance company with a safety certificate.

Choose the safety lock for the safe.

Our safes are available in several sizes and 3 types of locks depending on the security and the level of management you want in your safe.

  • The lock has a single key (double bit): the safe is opened by inserting a key. Opt for this key lock if you are the only person with access to the safe and there is no risk of losing it.
  • -The electronic lock: to open the safe, enter a programmed combination and, if necessary, a user code that may be changed at any time. If you forget the code, two emergency keys are provided.
  • The biometric lock: the safe opens using a programmed combination and a user code if necessary. The little extra: you can register several fingerprints to open the safe. The safe also has an emergency lock.

Your safe will be extremely secure regardless of the lock you choose. These armored locks have a reputation for being the most resistant to break-ins and replication.

The anti-theft and fire-protecting fireproof safe

Because of an electromagnetic or human ignition source, a fire might break out within your premises in a matter of minutes, causing significant effects.

To respond to this risk, the fireproof safe provides security against theft but also against fire in the event of a fire, making it a real asset to protect its contents as much as possible.

The Combine fireproof safe complies with all current European security and fire regulations. Its burglary and fire protection are approved and certified, so you can store documents, cash, jewelry, weapons, and other valuables without fear. It’s a class 1 safe with a maximum volume of 15 liters to 78 liters and an insurable value of up to $25,000.

Due to the fire-resistant materials used in this safe, Your possessions are protected from flames for 30 minutes. Given that a fire can reach 1000 degrees and consume everything in its path in minutes, this is a reasonable amount of time to respond. Additionally, due to the LFS 30P standard, this fireproof safe keeps your belongings secure by keeping the temperature below 175 degrees (paper support), preventing them from burning inside.

The fireproof safe is made with very solid materials: its double-walled body, it’s lateral and upper locking by round and massive punches, and its continuous locking rail on the hinge side make this secure safe a real bulwark against burglary. In addition, it is very resistant to shocks and any risk of abrasion and wear, allowing it to secure your property for many years.

The COMBINE fireproof safe comes with two high-security locks: a single key or an electronic combination. So you won’t have to be concerned about the safety of your valuables or documents.

Choosing the size of a safe

When choosing a secure safe, be sure it’s the right size for the information you want to store and protect. The size of the safe, on the other hand, is dictated by where it will be installed. When deciding on the size of your safe, consider the following factors.

Small volume safes (10-20 liters)

A tiny safe with a modest volume is perfect for storing administrative documents (identification cards, passports, and other small goods), your checkbook, and other small objects (jewelry, key liners, etc.). This style of safe has the added benefit of being extremely discrete.

Our FAVOR and POINT SAFE safes are great for discreetly protecting this type of object and can fit into a slightly limited space like a cabinet.

  • Medium volume safes (20-50 liters)

A medium-sized safe makes it easier to organize A4 paper documents and electronic equipment (laptop, tablet, telephone, etc.).

The MAGNO safe and the DIPLOMAT safe in thick steel perfectly secure this type of property thanks to their armored security lock with key, electronic, and biometric of your choice.

  • High volume safes (> 50 liters)

A high-volume safe can accommodate all types of documents and objects in large quantities.

Discover the fireproof and waterproof DIPLOMAT safe which can hold up to 96L, it provides exceptional protection thanks to its anti-theft and fire-resistant triple wall as well as its latest electronic lock.

Below, a comparison of our safes.

Choose where to place the safe

It’s critical to concentrate on a strategic placement for your safe to optimize the protection of your possessions.

There aren’t many private and secret areas within a company’s facilities, but you can put it in the bottom of a cupboard or embed it in the wall of your locked office.

Therefore, you must place your safe in an unexpected and unusual place, where thieves will not have the idea of ​​looking.

Use fastening joints to secure your safe to the wall and the floor to make it as secure as feasible.

There’s also the option of a built-in safe. To do so, cut a hole in the wall or floor the size of the safe, then attach it using fastening joints. For complete concealment, hide it behind a piece of furniture, a table, or a cupboard. Please pay heed! Before beginning this procedure, make sure the wall is load-bearing (terracotta, brick, concrete block) and that there are no gas pipes, water drainage, or electric cables.

Locksmith in Tampa Bay also provides the option of having your safe delivered, assembled, and installed to save you time and effort. If you require any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us [www.locksmithnearmetampabay.com].

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