How To Apostille In Colombia?

The processing of the apostille is done online.

How to apostille in Costa Rica?

The authority to apostille corresponds to the Authentication Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship. The appointment request is made online. A maximum of 12 documents can be submitted per appointment.

How to apostille in Ecuador?

In Ecuador, several offices spread throughout the nine zones of the country are authorized to apostille public documents, upon payment of a $20 fee that is reduced for people over 65 and people with disabilities. The holder of the public document or a third person can apostille it.

How to apostille in El Salvador?

It corresponds to apostille the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which it frees of charge. Before submitting the documents for apostille, it is necessary to obtain the authentication certification of the document’s signature. Where it is obtained depends on the nature of that document. For example, in the case of civil status certificates, the municipal mayor, the head of the family status registry or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs can do so; in the case of university degrees, the Ministry of Education or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is in charge.

How to apostille in the United States?

In the United States, the competence to legalize a document through the Hague apostille corresponds to various authorities depending on the type of document.

Thus, if it is a document issued by a federal government agency, the Authentication Office of the Department of State can apostille it. The cost is $8 per document.

In the case of apostilling a Consular Report of Birth, the marriage or death certificate of a US citizen that occurred outside the United States or the birth or death certificate issued between 1904 and 1979 by the Government of the Panama Canal Zone, the jurisdiction falls to the Bureau of Consular Affairs of the Department of State.

The apostille request must be notarized and accompanied by a legible copy of a United States-issued identification such as a driver’s license.

If they are documents issued by a judge or a federal court, such as a sentence or an order, for example, they can be apostilled by the clerks or assistant clerks of said courts.

Likewise, in these cases there is another alternative, which is to request the United States Department of Justice to authenticate the seal of a federal court and then request the apostille from the Authentication Office of the Department of State.

However, in the United States, most of the time the competent authority to apostille is the Secretary of State of each of the states, since they apostille documents issued by local courts and also civil registry documents , such as certificate of birth. Birth, marriage, divorce or death or even an academic degree.

In these cases, before apostilling it is necessary to obtain the original document or an official copy of it. For birth or marital status certificates, you will most often need to contact your county clerk’s or city hall’s office. It is also possible to obtain it through Internet pages dedicated to this task, such as vitalcheck.

Under no circumstances may US embassies or consulates affix the apostille seal to a document issued by a US authority.

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