How Many CBD Gummies Are Safe To Eat

CBD is used for both medicinal and recreational purposes. Because it is a natural way to feel better both physically and emotionally, many people choose CBD over prescription drugs. Depending on how you use it, the benefits can be slightly different. CBD gummies are a popular way to use CBD without inhaling its substance.

What Are CBD Gummies?

Gummies usually taste like candy and can be a method of ingesting medicine or vitamins. Since cannabis is not usually eaten in its rawest form, CBD gummies provide a way to ingest the substance without causing a bitter taste.

CBD does not contain large amounts of THC in any form. Whether it is absorbed through a tincture, inhaled through a vaping device, or eaten, CBD does not produce the same type of psychoactive results as marijuana. That being said, there are a variety of strengths when looking at the different dosage options. CBD gummies often come in different dosages to produce slightly different effects.

Variations of CBD Gummies

Depending on the type of CBD gummy ingested, certain types are useful for different reasons.

The Two Main Variations of D8 CBD Gummies:

-CBD Isolate


Full-spectrum CBD contains very low traces of THC levels while providing much higher levels of CBD levels. Some full-spectrum CBD contains up to .3% THC. Since the CBD oil is only slightly extracted, a broader range of cannabinoids is collected.

CBD Isolate involves a more thorough extraction process making the product much purer. CBD isolates can easily dissolve and are often used in a digestible form. Isolates can be extracted in several ways, but most are fractionally distilled by using heat. Sometimes CBD isolates are used for skin care products as well as gummies.


Regardless of which type of CBD gummy you choose, dosage plays an important role when knowing how many gummies are safe to eat.

The word “safe” can be somewhat misleading. CBD is generally seen as a safe substance with relatively low risk involved. Some side effects may include dry mouth, change in appetite, and fatigue. Consuming too much CBD, while not necessarily dangerous, can create unwanted effects. Certain medications may interact with CBD and checking with your doctor before consuming CBD is always recommended.

CBD dosage factors include:

-The reason you’re taking CBD

-An individual’s body chemistry and family history

-Body weight

-How much CBD is in each gummy

For individuals who use CBD primarily for physical pain, a higher dosage is usually recommended. This is especially true with chronic pain like arthritis or fibromyalgia. Those who use CBD for its calming properties often find they do not need as high of a dose.

CBD dosage usually refers to the individual gummy, but it can measure the entire bottle or container. Before purchasing gummies, check to see how the dosage is measured and what the serving size is. When ingesting a CBD gummy for the first time, try taking a very low dose to start with.

A low dose of CBD is typically 5mg per gummy. Unlike certain other forms of CBD, gummies can be broken in half. This is especially beneficial when dividing a dose or adding a smaller dose to a whole gummy. If you decide to start with 5mg of CBD and wish to add more mg, this is an easy way to slowly increase your dose.

Side Effects of Too Much CBD

While CBD is widely considered a safe substance, there can be unwanted side effects. This usually occurs when an individual is not used to taking CBD and may be unaware of the correct dosage.

Common side effects are usually very mild and consist of:



-Changes in appetite

These effects can happen at any dose but are more likely to occur with higher dosages. For this purpose, starting with a lower mg is advised or the use of a The trial and error method is commonly used and can be tweaked along the way if somebody wants more or less of an effect. When experimenting with dosage, using the same type of gummy can be important. When there are fewer variables to work with, knowing how much or how little to take is often easier.


CBD gummies are beneficial for multiple reasons. Just like tinctures, gummies can provide the same CBD, but in an easy, flavorful form. Since CBD can have a distinct flavor depending on how it is ingested, gummies provide a sweet alternative for those who don’t like the natural taste. Gummies can be used for insomnia, anxiety, joint pain, body aches, and inflammation. For more information on CBD dosage, a store advisor can help.

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