How Does Canada Verify Work Experience For Immigration?

Are you looking for the easiest and quickest way for immigration based on your work experience? Then you must know how Canada verifies your work experience. The number of work experience depends on the type of Canada visa for the work permit you are applying for. 

Under the Canadian Experience Class, for example, if you are applying for permanent residency for Canada, you need to meet certain work experience requirements. You must have at least 1560 hours of work experience, either as full-time work or part-time work within the last 3 years of your stay in Canada. Another important document is the Express Entry profile. This is not only an economical means to get the PR but also speeds up the process. 

However, if you are applying for an economic immigration application, you must have at least ten years of work experience either as an employee or as a self-employed worker. 

Therefore, once you apply, the Immigration, Refugee, Citizenship Canada (IRCC) goes through each of your documents before granting you immigration in Canada. The most important document revolves around verifying your work experience. The council has numerous ways to verify if the documents you submitted are legit and acceptable as per their norms based on the immigration program you are eligible for. 

In this article, we list common ways Canada verifies work experience for or for a Canada visa for a work permit.

1. Rely on the Reference letter

What’s more reliable than a reference letter from your previous or current employer? The ICCRC accepts reference letters from employers. These reference letters are a crucial part of documentation if you are submitting an economic immigration application. You must craft the letter meticulously as these are different from the ones you present in a job interview. 

If you are self-employed, you will need supporting documents like legal evidence of business ownership, bank statement showing self-employed income and invoices, or relevant documents from third parties who have used your services. 

2. Confirm the details over a Phone call or document check

The most common way to cross-check the details of your work experience is to get on a call with your previous or current employer. Mostly the Canadian immigration office calls your immediate boss or your employer and verifies the details are correct. However, this phone call is at the discretion of the particular reviewing officer. 

They can also cross-check your work performance or business registration information like business address and contact number, to ensure zero red flags. 

3. Confirm your NOC code and Tax Documents

You must meet all the eligibility criteria for an economic immigration program as per the NOC code. Your job responsibilities enlisted with your work experience must match those of the NOC code that you selected. Also, immigration officers review the tax documents to verify your Canadian work experience. 


The documents you submit during the immigration process play a crucial role in getting the immigration from India to Canada on time. With professional assistance, you will understand the nuance of the process. Such Consultants like Croyez Immigration also ensure you get or for Canada visa for work permit you successfully without any roadblocks due to improper documents. 

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