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Here is How Influencer Marketing is Evolving

In the past few years, influencer marketing has been on an impressive upward trajectory. Starting from $1.7 billion in 2017, influencer marketing has now reached $196.4 billion this year.

What comes at top of the mind with the growing influencer marketing is the Instagram celebrities or overnight TikTok stars and sensations. These “celebrities” often promote consumer products and have expanded influencer marketing significantly.

Today there are many opportunities for the creative mind to campaign for brands and connect the audience with brands in different ways. However, it is also up to the business to understand the right way to leverage influencers. Considering the fact that a lot more people are now following the influencers and influencers have an edge in powering buyer decisions, the business has to put in more effort. People these days, especially after the coronavirus outbreak, are spending more time on social media. In an average American household that has access to phone and internet bundles, especially from a budget-friendly service provider like Spectrum, spending hours and hours on social media is not a big deal. Service providers like Spectrum help with limiting the Charter Spectrum Billing with amazing bundles that add value to the services.

There are many examples of how influencer marketing is growing. Take American Express as an example. American Express has done strong campaigning with influencers to the small business owners. Its hashtag #ShopSmallStories for AmEx Canada was a blast on Twitter. Not to forget the successful campaign Love My Store campaign with HGTV’s Emily Henderson. American Express did wonder with influencer marketing. There are many more examples to understand how businesses these days are working hard to appeal to other businesses and audiences with influencer marketing.

Digging more into this matter, here are some tips we would like to offer a business that is starting fresh with influencer marketing.  

Think about connection

For leveraging influencer marketing it is important for a business to first put some thought into understanding which influencer will best connect with the brand. It is easy to sort out influencers with the biggest following and higher brand partnerships. However, there are high chances that a popular influencer might not be good for your brand as they might not make the most sense for your campaign or brand. You have to be more authentic with your brand and make sure you identify the right influencer, be it a macro influencer or nano. It is important to choose the one that will resonate best with your brand and connect better with the audience.  

Timing is everything

For leveraging influencer marketing the most, it is crucial to pay attention to the timing. A great example of how brands deal well with time when it comes to influencer marketing is Glu Mobile’s Hollywood game with Kim Kardashian. The game was released back in 2014 when the Kardashians were the most popular faces in the culture. Leveraging an influencer that is in their prime is always a smart move.

Consider marketing agency

There is no harm in doing everything on your own. However, if you are a busy business, then you should take help from an influencer marketing agency. Agencies are typically the source that holds the key to influencers. Typically, if you want bigger influencer names to become part of your brand campaign, you need to take help from agencies. Agencies will help in navigating the way to get in touch with the influencers and the ways that work best with them.

Bottom line

In times when brands are working hard to increase the number of channels and become popular, influencers are their go-to source. Influencer helps with testing new marketing strategies and driving new and creative ways to connect with the audience.

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