Games that you can play remotely with your loved ones

Games that you can play remotely with your loved ones

Video calls are a great way to stay in touch with loved ones when you’re away or can’t be together. Since young children don’t always talk during video calls, playing games can help them stay engaged and encourage interaction. Here are some game ideas that work well for video calling with kids. Also Watching: Drawing For Kids

Could you think of me?

The player on the other side of the screen simultaneously makes a series of gestures or expressions (emotions, grimaces, etc.) simulating it. You can do this in a limited time so that each player can become a chef. Depending on the imagination or craziness of the participants, this game quickly becomes a lot of fun!

virtual kisses

This delicate game will train your child’s memory. You can play at the end of a conversation, for example, before your child says goodbye to a loved one. The player on the other side of the screen repeats the sentence and adds another space by pointing.

Three words and a great story

This mini-language game lets you discover fun stories with your kids. The goal is to tell the story using three words imposed by another player. These can be the names of objects, food, family members, or actions or sounds. For example potato, dog and splash! If your child is too young or too shy to form a simple sentence or tell a story, he may choose words until he feels comfortable trying them. Otherwise, the next player will explain the story in three new words.

What is this noise?

Your child should close their eyes and try to recognize the noise made by the person on the other side of the screen: sneezing, eating chips, tearing paper, clapping their hands, laughing, snorting, blowing their nose, etc. Players can record familiar sounds or search the web for sounds for greater variety. (About four years old)

Mime game

Players try to imagine what the player on the other side of the screen is doing. Toddlers often use animals or actions (running, sleeping, jumping, etc.) Some players may find staying in the camera frame challenging, leading to some funny moments!

Word race

Kids love this language and speed game. Players or teams must develop six words related to the applied theme in less than a minute. For example, if the paper is near the coast, you can say sand, ball, sea, fish, boat, seashell. Decrease or increase the number of words or the time allowed depending on the players’ skill. Here are examples of themes to use: Zoo, Bedroom, Kitchen, Garden, Toys, etc.

alphabet of animals

Players take turns trying to find the name of an animal that starts with the letter A (b) followed by B (whale) to Z (zebra). You can also play with item names, names, or food. If your toddler is having difficulty finding it, don’t hesitate to give him a clue. (5 years and above)

Who am I?

This also works in the popular car game video. The goal is to guess what the player on the other side of the screen is thinking. It could be an animal, it could be a person, it could be food, or it could be an object. In turn, everyone asks a question. The only answer is yes or no. For example: “Is this a panda? Etc. As soon as the word is found, it is the next player’s turn to think of the new term.

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