Game Crusade of Fortune slots

The medieval crusades were a time of reversal of courage, power play and wealth. Many works of art and literature have inspired this time in history, and to this day popular media is full of the exciting and magical myths of the era. This is the understanding behind the Fortune Crusade Slots game.

This classic ATM game is a quest for tremendous wealth and wealth to overcome almost impossible obstacles. The icons found in the game are characterized by medieval characters and symbols such as Shining Wizard, Ironman, Miniature Hammer, High Dwarf, Warhammer, Goblins, Hunter Wizard, Big Shield, Dwarf Shield and Symbol.

A game with 5 reels, 20 paylines and more coins can win players up to 300,000 coins if they are drawn with a Jackpot combination.

Meet the mysterious team at 스포츠토토 사이트 Crusade of Fortune and see how they can bring you great wealth right now.

Shining wizard – a symbol of wildness

 Wild symbols in the game refer to an icon that can be replaced with other symbols to help the player achieve winning combinations after activating the pay line.

Miniature hammer – a symbol of scatter. In a slot machine, the spread symbol indicates an icon that a player can win more in a variety of ways:

a. Multiply the player’s win: at least two dwarf hammers can multiply the player’s bet twice 200 times the original bet; the more scatter symbols appear on the reels, the more times the bet is multiplied.

b. Activating Free Spins: Three or more miniature hammer symbols mean that the player enjoys a free spin bonus, which opens up more chances to win and the opportunity to play the combat bonus feature. Other values: 3 dwarf hammers equals 10 free spins; 4 Dwarf Hammerer icons give players the right to 20 free spins; Gives 5 free spins 30.

Special circles

Other ways to increase your chances of winning are through special sounds. The free spins bonus round allows each win to be equal to three times the amount. During this round, if at least three scatter symbols appear, the player will receive free spins again. Only after reaching this round and receiving at least one orca bonus symbol on the activation pay line can the player activate the battle bonus round.

The battle ground is probably the funniest round. Players almost get their swords, which they have to use to fight orca. Successful attacks and cunning pairs will be rewarded with cash prizes.

In the Battle Bonus game, all game buttons are disabled. When ready to use, these buttons work properly so that the player can adjust their game options. They can choose their bet level, change the total number of paylines to 20, spin the reels, spin the maximum bet and choose the bet amount per pay line.

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