Fundraising Software for Schools – Going Abroad the Traditional Fundraising Campaign

We all remember the long hard days when gift boxes and candles were sold door to door to raise money at a local school management software, not knowing if you could raise enough money to win the popular “prize”. Those days came and went. Funds raised have shifted from a door-to-door sales model to more unconventional methods that are more efficient, effective and successful.

Online fundraising and donations

The Internet has played a huge role in online charity shops. These shopping sites allow parents and students to save money for their school by buying online. The shopping site transfers part of the school commission at the customer’s discretion and allows parents, teachers, students, alumni and families to subscribe online when purchasing items from their online store. These donations can be easily collected and tracked using the web or some form of school fundraising software.

Get parents involved

Involvement of parents and members of the PTA as a whole is crucial to fundraising. Parents have a wide network of colleagues and friends to spread the message much faster. Encourage parents to auction dinner at a local restaurant and get all the money to go to school. Parents can request donations from their employer or even potential sponsors.

Company sponsorship

Imagine a meal and a drink at a local football match on Friday night sponsored by a local company. It’s a great way to connect with the public and an even better way to advertise your business to hundreds of potential customers: parents. Ask your local company if it sponsors sports promotions and gifts. In return, you simply put their logo on the labels and other promotional pieces for immediate promotion.

Reward programs

Visit your local supermarket to find out about the reward programs they can offer or participate in. Some grocery chains will give a percentage or refund to the school of your choice. Don’t forget to advertise and promote such programs to students, parents and families. Most grocery stores run a rewards program nationwide, so what better way to meet grandparents far and wide!

They are green!

Help improve the environment and raise money for your school. No more printing. Instead, email all communications and use your school’s management software. Make money on rubbish and teach students the importance of recycling!

Household recycling: water bottles and aluminum cans

With today’s technology, it’s easier to raise money and more organized than ever. Learn about various web and school management system programs, communicate with parents, encourage community involvement, and talk to your local grocery store about rewards programs. With all these possibilities, your next fundraiser is sure to succeed!

I sincerely hope this article will make your choice of school software easier

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