Football: from play to experience

Regardless of the past, whether the chicken of the digital revolution or the egg of the social revolution, the fact remains that the developed economies have embarked on a new transition 스포츠중계 So-called experiential goods and services (valuable to customers in English) are a special sector of the economy, in which the customer decides to create a value-based concept and offer a price for a consumed experience heart. The production of special products. Or service. So many features, like Amazon itself, are rooted in different customer-centric experiences. In terms of product price and quality, the key to its success is not experience (completion, delivery, full availability, tracking, analytics, etc.) or similar model. Such as Apple (Who buys a phone because of Apple phone quality and price (!), but a good user experience?).

The experience is now the king or queen of the customer, .

 Fans, patients and even voters. So a new commentary for the modern economy: put it in the heart of the consumer; On the contrary, given the economic market and value of industry in the product, the economy will not find new experiences outside of our consumers, our emotions and feelings; Our memory of using it and the feeling it gives us is that our relationship with the product is born and nothing else.

So the challenge is to provide an exceptional customer experience across all industries. In order to do so, they use new digital technologies to create a unique and highly personalized experience, such as big data and analytics, virtual reality, third-party tools and websites, artificial intelligence, native language, Like 3D printing, cloud computing, and more , moral expectations and predictions, and so on.

Institutional investments, such as stocks, .

Banks, car companies and even the media, as well as popular television channels, are changing the way we see and interact with products and services, radically changing the rules of competition. Are NBA beards and footballs a unique aspect of shifting boundaries that affect society?

Perhaps the most exciting and exciting thing about football is that the team doesn’t have to burn or push and sell its customers without the power they displayed on the field, but it’s really a business opportunity pl many tables remainder, and so on.

Football, a timed and two-event game that changes the 360-degree audience experience before, during and after the event, doesn’t get on TV (commercials) and becomes a TEAM that they can “see”. “. Get a holistic brand experience and experiential marketing opportunities.

Hi? With the introduction of new technologies and advanced features

Because of their design experience, many teams, stadiums and divisions are fan and outdoor service groups and have a limited number of seasons or youth. Many other businesses, led by customers who have gone above and beyond the customer experience, are thriving today with incredible results, from growing fans or loyal customers to significant growth in their business and especially their satisfaction. the user. This is the story of Disney, where parks and resorts, but also many countries like GLOBANT, are changing the landscape of this “digital world” by using technologies like IoT (digital cluster), big data or artificial intelligence to give guests a unique experience . . . . and a personal experience in a park that is incidentally rewarding.

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