Easy Breezy Summer Kurtas for the Warm Weather

Summers mean dressing up light and easy. It is a welcome change after the winters when you have to wear so many layers. Women can’t wait to get rid of the bulky layers and look forward to the soft, breathable materials and breezy silhouettes that they can flaunt in the summers. The change of weather means a change of wardrobe as well. So let’s see after the cheerful spring, what the designers have in store for you for the sunny days ahead. 

This summer your favorite brands have come up with exciting collections and loads of variety. You will certainly be spoilt for choices. 

Light Colors Always Look Cool

Light colors are a good idea for summers. They have an airy and summery feel that always appeals when the sun is shining high and above. However, this doesn’t mean you cannot wear bright shades, but you will all agree pastels are meant for summers and never fail to look cool. This season find ladies tops and kurtis in pretty pinks, cool blues, pale yellows and fresh greens. Hunt for your favorite pastel color and find lots of options.

Summer Calls for Super Stylish Ladies Kurtis

The best time to wear kurtis is  of course during the summertime. Whether you like long kurtis for women or prefer shorts ones, this is the time to take them out of the closet and enjoy wearing them. This season top fashion houses have introduced both long and short kurtis, so you have lots of choices available. You can find ladies kurtis with round hems, in frock style and straight cuts. If you want to see what is trending then check kurtis online from the brands you love. 

Kurtis for Women in All Styles

If you are a fan of designer kurtas, then there is no dearth of these. From simple, minimalist kurtis to fancy ones, there is a style available to suit women of all tastes. Solid colored shirts can be worn for daily wear as well as formal wear, it all depends on how you choose to wear it. With the right addition of accessories, you can easily turn them into party outfits. For daily wear, you can check kurtis in simple patterns and cuts. Find stripes, checks, florals and ethnic patterns that add beauty and interest to the shirt. 

Beautiful Fancy Kurtis and Tops

When there is a party or a special occasion, we suggest you browse through the embroidered collections by the top fashion houses. This luxuriously designed kurtis look formal and will make head turns when you wear them. Find beautiful needlework that enhances the shirt and makes it a statement piece. You can go for light embroideries or heavy ones with big motifs, at times, enhanced with embellishments. The embroideries can be on the sleeves, hems, neckline, front or back. How much embroidery you prefer depends on your personal style, preference, and the occasion. You can find delicate embroideries as well as bold ones. Pair them with a smart trouser and you are party ready.

White Tops For Women- Always the Best Sellers

To give off the summer vibes, go for white tops or white kurtis. This year you will see lots of whites because women want at least a pair or more of these to make their summer wardrobes complete. Not only do they look fresh, neat and crisp, but these are versatile as well. You wear them with any other color and white tops will always look awesome. 

Black Tops For Women – Another All-Time Favorite

Black is just as much liked as white. It is a raging trend lately, so have at least one black top. This season when you search for women tops online, you will discover that there are many styles available in this color. You can select a button down top or go for long tops for women

Where long tops are a big favorite, there is a demand for short tops for women too. After every couple of years we see this trend re-emerging. They look extremely stylish and thus never really become outdated. So if you prefer short tops don’t think twice and add them to the cart straight away. They are a fashion staple and here to stay. 

Relaxed Loose Shirts are Back!

Who wants tight, clingy clothes in the hot and humid months? For those of you who dislike this idea there is good news. Loose shirts have taken center stage this year. Women love the easy and practical style they offer. Not only do they give off a relaxed summer vibe, but look chic as well, especially if you wear the loose shirts with tights. Remember, if the shirt is too loose, balance the look with a tight lower, it always looks hot. 

This summer updating your wardrobe is super easy. You have so many options and the new trend is to break the rules. Make your own style statements with whatever you want. Go for long tops or short kurtis and mix and match them with what you desire. Enjoy summers the way you want to. 

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