Want to upgrade your summer shoe rack with comfortable sandals and slippers?

Hello ladies! Hope you have welcomed this hot season with an open heart. This new season calls for some new shopping for ladies slipper and sandals. To all those women, who are thinking of repeating their last year’s shoes, please don’t. Every year shoe trends and designs change and you should always upgrade your shoe rack every year. A nice pair of summer slipper can make your day quite comfortable while an uncomfortable pair can ruin it. Just imagine, you are going for shopping to a mall and after one hour of walking, your feet starts hurting. Now what would you do? Of course, either you will stop walking or you will buy a relaxing pair of slipper for women.

Importance of comfortable shoes

For every woman out there, vast shoe range is the best way of beautifying your shoe rack. No doubt, having multiple designer sandals is an accurate gauge of your sense of style and delivers a perfect fashion statement. But you have to keep in mind that slippers and sandals for women can also welcome a lot of pain and discomfort. Depending on your selection of flat shoes for women, you can ignore this discomfort and settle for comfort only. It is not wise to wear uncomfortable shoes in the name of fashion all day long. You should always select the summer shoe design as per your feet comfort.

Ladies always have the option to walk into any shoe store and pick from various different sizes, colors and styles.  Sometimes we take good footwear for granted and it is not right. Investing in some premium flat sandals for women during summers can help prevent foot and ankle damage. Fashionable yet comfortable ladies flat shoes can make your day more pleasant and relaxing. So, if you take your feet seriously, you should always buy the best shoes. Nowadays, women love to buy shop online in order to save the hassle of going out in this hot weather. Quite wise!

Which brands to choose from while buying sandals and slippers?

Whether you do sandals online shopping or you physically visit a store, shoe selection matters the most. Many well-known brands like Endure, Urbansole and Bata have recently launched their summer collections. The two most noticeable points about their collection are the level of quality and pricing. Endure and Bata have been ruling the shoe industry for years as compared to Urbansole. But after viewing the summer sandals and slippers of all three brands, Urbansole has got the best pieces. If you are in search of some attractive designer sandals, you should definitely check Urbansole’s new arrivals for women. Worth buying!

Which design you can select from Urbansole’s new arrivals?

If you are looking for some nice flat sandals and slippers for women, then you should check out this nude slipper in beige tone. The knitted woven strap makes it a statement piece. The cushioned inner sole and the durable thermoplastic rubber sole gives it a longer life. These flat shoes can be worn all day long without getting worried about foot pain. It can be paired up with any of your attire due to its neutral color.

Next comes these pretty bottle green flat sandals for women. Just look at its ultra-comfortable design made for keeping you feel lightweight and comfy. The stylish textured leather, the plush inner sole and the slightly edgy reliable sole makes it the best choice. These voguish sandals can go well both with your Eastern or Western dresses. The ultimate purpose of this shoe design is to keep your feet safe for longer hours.

Lastly, another style that can easily make you fall in love is this gorgeous brown summer slipper. Honestly, this color is not quite common. Whenever you see such exclusive colors and designs, you should immediately buy them. The braided double straps add more to the beauty of this shoe design. This contemporary design is suitable for women of every age. The slightly wedged sole gives it a very trendy look. Just like any neutral color, a brown shoe can never go wrong with any outfit.

Quality & Pricing as compared to other brands

When it comes to quality and pricing, women never compromise. They are always ready to pay for the most elegant and comfortable sandals and slippers. Never settle for low quality when it comes to shoes because cheaper leather can harm your skin. All the three brands have closer price ranges but quality wise they are not closer at all. Urbansole is providing the top-class quality at the most reasonable price. Whereas Endure and Bata are offering comparatively low quality shoes with no proper finishing. Ladies slippers and sandals for summer demand a premium finishing and at par comfort level. Urbansole has definitely steal the show with their exquisite range of alluring slippers and sandals for women. Their shoe construction speaks for the quality of shoe itself. They don’t wear and tear at all and will be your reliable comfort partners for a long time.

Don’t miss the opportunity to buy their new designs at the convenience of your home.

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