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The bottle for Taylor Swift perfume is a deep purple with an iridescent rainbow finish, giving the bottle a magical glow. The bottle is adorned with antiqued gold charms evoking the singer’s signature style. The Moravian star, dove, and birdcage charms evoke her sense of adventure and whimsical flair. An embossed gold 13 represents the lucky number for Taylor, and there are a number of other details to look for.

Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift

Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift is a fresh, fruity fragrance inspired by the artist’s personal experiences. Much like the creative approach she used in writing her songs, the fragrance embraces the unique qualities that make her special. It evokes a feeling of being in love with someone special, or a rush of joy from a magical experience. Inspired by the song “Enchanted”, Wonderstruck has notes of soft petals and a sweet indulgence.

The main notes of Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift are floral, fruity, and citrusy. The perfume is also perfect for women who are looking to attract their partners’ attention. This feminine scent contains a floral scent that combines with woody base notes to create a sensual fragrance that is sure to make a woman feel beautiful and irresistible. It is a sweet scent that will appeal to women of all ages.

The fragrance has a fruity-floral scent with a hint of suede. It has a powdery finish and blends with vanilla and musk. It also has a hint of sassiness and depth. As the name suggests, Wonderstruck is available in both a vintage and a modern version. Both versions are affordable, and have a scent that sticks in your mind.

Taylor by Taylor Swift – Made of Starlight Edition

The 3.4 oz. Taylor by Taylor Swift Made of Starlight Edition perfume launched in February 2014. This limited edition fragrance inspired by the song “Starlight” by the pop singer. It features notes of peach, apricot, and passion fruit, as well as soft floral notes. It sold at Macy’s for $65.

The bottle of the new scent shaped like a diamond, and the bottle’s cap is adorned with swirls and pearls. A single spray of this perfume lasts for a full hour. The bottle has been lightly used, and the box yellowed. The bottle is accompanied by a free sticker of Taylor. You can get it for $52 when you purchase other items from the brand.

The scent itself is light and fresh, with notes of berries and musk. This fragrance is best worn during autumn and winter, when it is warmer. The fragrance has a three-hour life, which makes it ideal for date nights. It is reminiscent of a summer evening, but also feels fresh and clean. The vanilla notes of the perfume are quite strong, but the fragrance is still very light and subtle.

Taylor by Taylor Swift

Whether you like pop music or country, there is no denying that Taylor Swift has gained a huge fan base. The pop singer’s 1989 pop album, Blank Space, was a commercial success and won multiple grammys. The name of the album is fitting considering the scent of the perfume, and the title is very fitting for the singer, who was just beginning to break through in the music industry. The scent is sweet and carries notes of pink berry, grapefruit, and vanilla orchid.

The bottle for this popular scent is clear with swirls on top and a pearl-covered cap. It has a white sprayer and is very feminine. This scent is not overpowering, but rather soft and pleasant. It’s not too sweet and is definitely not skin-sucking. Taylor is available in a 6.8 oz. bottle and is available at many fragrance counters. The perfume is priced at $30.

If you’re looking for a more subtle fragrance, then Taylor’s solid perfume pencil is the one for you. It is best suited for daytime use in the spring and summer. It has a modest projection and a two to three hour longevity. You can wear this fragrance in tighter spaces and in more private settings. The perfume is a great choice for the office or for a casual day out. The solid fragrance pencil is also available for personal use.

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