Clean Dashboard / Cockpit

Over time, dust will accumulate on the dashboard and other plastic parts inside the car. It’s not a pretty sight. Often hot water is enough to clean the car. Be careful with cleaning fluids as they can damage the plastic. To clean heavy dirt, add some (!) Dishwashing detergent to the water. You can buy special spray for the dashboard for matte and shiny surfaces. Be careful with the steering wheel; the cleaning fluid can corrode the cracks into the airbag area.

Either way, you should use a lint-free microfiber cloth and make sure it is damp but not soaked. Rinse it up at regular intervals. Be careful not to expose the contacts and other electronic devices in the center console to moisture. Here it is better to use a dry cloth and a paintbrush or a cotton swab for areas that are difficult to reach, such as ventilation. Along the dashboard and the fans, other plastic units such as the glove compartment and the ashtray can be cleaned in a similar way.

Cleaning the trunk and rubber edges

In many cars, the luggage compartment is particularly exposed. This is where things are transported – which are sometimes dirty – and often it is the dog’s favorite place while on a trip. So this should be a part of your car cleaning routine. If you do not have a boot that can be simply removed, you can vacuum or brush the rug. Every now and then you should look down into the spare wheel compartment (if you have one) – here a lot of dirt can also accumulate. Difficult dirt can be removed with soapy water.

The rubber edges can also get quite dirty, from when you step in and out of the car. First, try cleaning them with warm water and a microfiber cloth. If the dirt is not completely removed, you can add some washing powder to the water and repeat.

Cleaning with a microfiber cloth

You get the best results from your interior Rengøring af bil by using a lint-free microfiber cloth. This is useful for windows, plastic parts when wax is to be applied to the paint or to remove water stains. No matter what smooth surface needs to be cleaned, you can use this product. Not only does it provide lint-free cleaning, but it also prevents streaks, which is very important when it comes to window cleaning. You can also use a microfiber cloth to clean the upholstery foam of the seats and to wipe the treated seat surfaces. After cleaning with the microfiber cloth, you should wash it in a washing machine. However, you do not need fabric softening as it adversely affects the cleaning capabilities of the cloth.


If you want a clean car, there is a lot of work you can leave to the professionals. To save money, you can clean the interior yourself. With the right tools and a bit of patience, the result is clear and your next drive in a clean car will be twice as fun.

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