CBD For Your Pets

When your pets require medication, using the correct dosage of CBD is extremely important. CBD is powerful, with a lot of potential to help pets including cats and dogs cope with a wide range of ailments. Determining the correct dosage is often tricky. There are basic guidelines you should be aware of for CBD treats, capsules, and oils.

The Basics of CBD for Your Pet

The specific dosage of CBD you give to your pet is impacted by numerous factors. One of the key factors is the type of product you are giving your pet. You need to consider the brand of the supplement. The size of your pet is critical for determining the correct dosage. More CDB is required for larger dogs.

If you purchase a high-quality product, you usually receive a dosage chart specifically for that product. The correct formula is based on the weight of your pet. The dosage is also affected by the type of ailment. Some ailments require a regular dosage and others need something stronger.

Basics of Using CBD

The administration of most CBD oils is in drops. Although you will find variations from product to product, the general dosage is two to four drops between two and four times per day. The dosage should be adjusted according to the specific ailment and pet size. On average, there are five to 20mg of CBD per capsule. The number of capsules required varies depending on the product with a general dosage of one tablet once or twice per day.

CBD dog treats are different from capsules and oils because the CBD concentration varies. Follow the product instructions to determine the correct dosage. Once you see the reaction of your pet, you can adjust the dosage. I originally discovered delta extrax when my beautiful german shepherd received a diagnosis of terminal cancer. I wanted the time he had left to be as relaxing possible. I placed an order and tried a few different options.

I quickly realized the CBD was helping. I tried using the CBD treats, capsules and oil. If you are using a similar brand or product, the guideline below should be helpful. You need to remember adjustments might be necessary depending on the condition and ailment of your dog or cat. If you are uncertain as to the correct dosage, I recommend working in close contact with your vet.

Dosing CBD Oil

CBD oil is often called a CBD tincture. The CBD pet tincture is generally available in bottles containing 150, 300 or 600mg’s. The basic dosage depends on weight. If you have a small pet less than 20 pounds, you need the 150mg bottle. You will use one drop which is equal to 0.5mg of CBD. The standard dose is 0.25mg times for every 11 pounds. If you have a medium-sized pet between 20 and 60 pounds you will need the 300mg bottle.

You will use one drop or the equivalent of one mg of CBD. The standard dose remains the same. If you have a large dog more than 60 pounds you will need the 600mg bottle. One drop is the equivalent of one mg of CBD with the same standard dose. These formulas are not difficult to learn. If your pet weighs less than 20 pounds, you need a less potent CBD oil. The tincture at Your text to link… is excellent.

A good example is a pet with a weight of six pounds. You determine your formula by multiplying 6 pounds with 0.25 mg to arrive at a dosage of 1.5mg. Since there is 0.5mg per drop, you would need to use three drops for a six-pound pet. If your pet is over 60 pounds, purchase the 600 or 300mg bottle. Although the potency remains the same the size of the bottle is double.

For a 40 pound dog, multiply 40 pounds and 0.25mg for a formula of 10 drops. 

Administering CBD Oil

You should place the CBD oil directly into the mouth of your pet and beneath their tongue whenever possible. This might be tricky if your dog has difficulty taking medicine. If you have any issues, remain patient because your pet might become accustomed to the routine. If you are still having issues, try rewarding your pet with their favorite treat after they take the CBD. I have found this works extremely well. If this fails, consider using one of the flavor varieties of CBD treats or capsules.

Dosing and Administering CBD Capsules

The basic CBD capsule line for dogs and cats generally includes the same sizes as the bottles of CBD oil, 150, 300 and 600mg. You will use the same formula of 0.25mg multiplied by 11 pounds of body weight for regular dosage. Most bottles contain 30 capsules but the CBD mg is different.

• The 600mg bottle contains 20mg of CBD per capsule

• The 300mg bottle contains 10mg of CBD per capsule

• The 150mg bottle contains five mg of CBD

If the weight of your dog is 40 pounds, multiply 40 pounds and 0.25mg for a dosage of one capsule using a 300mg bottle. You should have an easier time administering CBD capsules as opposed to oil. You can put the whole capsule into a pill pocket or treat or open it to mix the contents with your dog’s regular food. You need to make certain the entire contents of the capsule are consumed to ensure the correct dosage.

Administering CBD Treats

CBD dog treats are available in several flavors with approximately 30 treats per bag. There is generally five mg of CBD per treat. The guideline is 0.25mg multiplied by 11 pounds of weight. The formula for a pet weighing 20 pounds is 0.25mg multiplied by 20 pounds equaling five mg. This means the regular dose for a 20-pound dog is one treat every day. 

Purity Levels

Some brands of CBD oil for pets base the recommended dosage on purity levels to make the administration easier. Each purity level is based on the weight of your pet. Purity level one is for pets less than 25 pounds, purity level two for a weight between 25 and 50 pounds and purity level three for dogs weighing more than 50 pounds. The concentration for each level is different so you only need to use one drop regardless of the purity level.

Typical Dosage Chart

Although the specific dosage chart will vary according to the type and brand of CBD medication you are using, a chart makes determining the amount of CBD necessary for your pet much easier. If you have purchased one of the higher quality products available, you will find a dosage chart on the company’s official website in addition to directions on the package. You should not have any difficulty reading the chart.

Most of the charts are divided into sections for different types of doses including standard, therapeutic and medicinal. The correct dosage is dependent on the weight of your pet.

Pounds Standard Medicinal Therapeutic

  • 5 .1 ml .2 ml .1 ml
  • 10 .1 ml .5 ml .2 ml
  • 15 .2 ml .6 ml .3 ml
  • 20 .2 ml .8 ml .4 ml
  • 25 .25 ml 1 ml .5 ml
  • 30 .3 ml 1.2 ml .6 ml
  • 35 .4 ml 1.4 ml .7 ml
  • 40 .4 ml 1.6 ml .8 ml
  • 45 .5 ml 1.8 ml .9 ml
  • 50 .5 ml 2 ml 1 ml
  • 55 .6 ml 2.2 ml 1.1 ml
  • 60 .6 ml 2.4 ml 1.2 ml
  • 65 .7 ml 2.6 ml 1.3 ml
  • 70 .7 ml 2.8 ml 1.4 ml
  • 75 .8 ml 3 ml 1.5 ml
  • 80 .8 ml 3.2 ml 1.6 ml
  • 85 .9 ml 3.4 ml 1.7 ml
  • 90 .9ml 3.6 ml 1.8 ml
  • 95 1 ml 3.8 ml 1.9 ml
  • 100 1 ml 4 ml 2 ml
  • 101 to 120 1.1 ml 4.5 ml 2.2 ml
  • 121 to 140 1.3 ml 5.2 ml 2.6 ml
  • 141 to 160 1.6 ml 6.5 ml 3.2 ml

In most instances, you will receive a syringe with your CBD purchase. The number of millimeters will be marked on your syringe to ensure you administer the correct dosage. It is important to note the above chart is fairly standard, but there are variations according to the brand and product you have selected. The columns of the chart represent the weight of your pet and the reason you are using CBD.

Standard Dose

The standard dosage is for situational uses including large crowds, bad weather, riding in a car and for general immune support.

Medicinal Dose

The medicinal dosage is recommended for situations where a larger dose is required including hip dysplasia, epilepsy and cancer.

Therapeutic Dosage

The medicinal dosage is recommended for a variety of situations including nausea, arthritis, anxiety, inflammation and pain resulting from an injury.

A good example is a small dog with a weight of 15 pounds impacted by anxiety resulting from specific situations such as severe thunderstorms or riding in a car. A standard 0.2 ml dosage will be appropriate. The appropriate dosage for a larger dog weighing 80 pounds with hip dysplasia is 3.2 ml every day. In some instances, the medicinal and therapeutic categories may overlap.

Monitoring your pet is extremely important, but you must also understand CBD is a non-toxic and non-psychoactive substance. CBD is not considered to be capable of causing your pet to overdose. You will not need to worry you will give you pet too large of a dosage simply by following the above guidelines. There are companies offering CBD cookies and treats. No exact dosage has been determined since tracking solid food is more difficult. You will find the average dosage listed on the package.

The majority of dogs required one cookie every day for a standard dose. If you give you pet cookies or treats, following the guidelines on the package is important. The process is straightforward.

CBD Facts

Since CBD is non-psychoactive and your pet will not get high. There have been a lot of studies conducted showing the CBD compound is extremely well-tolerated even if you are administering a higher dosage. There is no toxic level for CBD and it is not considered capable of causing an overdose. You may be uncertain as to which type of CBD product is right for your pet, CBD treats, capsules or oil.

Although the right product is dependent on the needs of your pet and your preferences, I usually recommend CBD oil if at all possible. This is because when you place CBD oil beneath your pet’s tongue, you can be assured of the fastest symptom relief currently available. Treats and capsules are both effective, but they must go through the digestive tract. This means your pet has to wait a minimum of 45 minutes to feel the effect.

Administering CBD oil is also the most difficult of all types with the strongest flavor. This means if your pet has a sensitivity to strong flavors or is a picky eater, treats or capsules might offer you better results. If your pet is not eating properly, CBD oil is your best option to make certain your pet receives their medication.

Final Thoughts

You should have a better understanding of how much CBD your pet requires after reading this article. The guidelines offered are basic and dependant on the brand and type of product you select in addition to your pet’s condition and weight. Remember you will not cause an overdose since CBD is non-toxic.

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