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Can Professional Poker Be A Profitable Career?

Are you considering the possibility of making a living from playing poker? If you are, it’s obvious you’ll be wondering if it’s a profitable career choice or not. No one wants to spend time and money learning a skill that’s not profitable or gives returns. Hence, in today’s guide, we’ll be looking at the profitability of playing poker as a career choice and at the end of the article, you should be able to tell if playing poker professionally will be a profitable career choice for you or not.

Who is a professional poker player?

A professional poker player is someone who is able to pay for the majority, if not all of his/her bills and expenses with their winnings from playing poker (the poker table), rucksack, as well as any other poker-related revenue or endorsement.

Is it possible to make a career out of playing poker?

Yes, it is. However, making a living out of poker requires a lot of study, practice, and years of experience. In addition, to become and remain a professional poker player; it requires planning and discipline as downswings and burnout haven’t been known to threaten the lives of pro’s livelihood. 

Asides from earning a livelihood from playing poker, modern professional poker players diversify their streams of income by creating a channel on platforms like Twitch and YouTube which allows them to stream live. With a large enough audience, these professionals will be able to rake in additional income via Twitch subscriptions, affiliate deals, selling merch, etc.

How long does it take a novice to become a professional poker player?

In general, it takes at least a few years of study and devotion before a professional poker player will be able to make a living from playing poker. However, the time required to become a professional poker player doesn’t take that long. It takes the average player a minimum of one year to become a professional player. In the span of one year, the player should be able to learn and play poker at a world-class level and prove beyond all doubts that they are consistent in their winnings.

Is playing poker professionally a profitable career?

Generally, it’s a profitable career but how profitable it becomes for player A or B, depends largely on the player. For example, some professional players choose to live in areas where the cost of living is extremely low; which makes it possible to survive comfortably on $30,000 yearly, sometimes it could be lower. Other professional players can make six figures yearly. However, in reality, only a few professional poker players make it enough to be considered wealthy.


Becoming a professional poker player and making consistent earnings from it is a profitable career; however, it’s not an easy one as everyone won’t be able to get to that professional level. Some people make the mistake of trying to rush into it simply because they hate their jobs and they run hot for a few weeks or months. 

Running hot for a few weeks or months isn’t enough time to prove that you are a winning poker player. Before you can make that conclusion, you’ll have played a minimum sample size of 100,000 before you can come to any conclusion about your poker results.

Finally, if after going through this blog post and you still want to become a professional poker player, then you can start racking up your skills and experience by playing poker at 카지노사이트 today.

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