Business Network Development Strategy More Ways to Connect With the VIP of Your Networking Dreams

In two previous articles in this series, “Business Network Development Strategy: How Not to Connect with the VIP of Your Networking Dreams” and “Business Network Development Strategy: How to Connect with the VIP of Your Networking Dreams” I’ve talked about not shutting the door on yourself and how to start connecting with the people you want to network with.

If your only desire is to sell them something, get their money and get out, then either turn over the account to your professional sales department or resign yourself to a high failure rate. In the long-term, relationship-building – i.e. networking – will get you more sales and more business that you thought possible.

To start connecting with C-level executives and other VIP’s,

 You must start by knowing what you want (which should be a business relationship). Then, do your research and learn as much as you can about your target connection. Once you know where they network and what they business 강남풀싸롱 are involved with, you’ll want to join up, attend, or otherwise get involved with those organizations yourself. Here’s what to do next.

Find out what obstacles, problems or difficulties they have in their business. Or, what problems do the organizations or charities that are nearest to their hearts have? It might be harder to find out what is going on in their business (big companies don’t like to share their weaknesses), but charitable organizations or non-profits are usually more open about what they need.

Know What You Have to Offer

The skill, information or help that you have to offer might not be what you do for a living or what your business does. You might be in insurance, but if you’re also experienced in using social media, that’s a great skill to offer. Or, you might have a talent for organizing events and parties. Think outside of your daily to-do and look at abilities that are easy for you, but hard for others. Provide Solutions, Information or Resources

You’ll get what you want (a business relationship, referrals, a connection) by giving other people what they want (information, resources, solutions). As long as you’re not treating it as a mercenary transaction, it’s okay to give people what they want so you can get what you want. When you give first, you are showing your positive intention to build the relationship and think long term.

Take the information you discovered about their company

 Or organizations problems, find a way to contribute to the solution and you’ll now be someone they like, because you helped them without expecting quid pro quo. You can build on that opening to develop the business networking relationship and continue to strengthen their trust. At this point, it truly won’t hurt to ask if you’re interested in doing business with them. You’ve earned the social capital with them to do business and keep the relationship going.

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