7 Key Stages Of The Marijuana Plant Life Cycle

Growing marijuana becomes a common practice as it becomes legal in many states. It is used in medicine to treat diseases, and the physicians also recommend using weeds like marijuana; that’s why people say I love growing marijuana. It has several significant uses, so it’s an expensive weed in many areas and countries. 

Nowadays, people prefer to grow marijuana in the pot rather than buying it from the market. However, marijuana production approaches a distinctive level in medical use after its legalization. The natural life cycle of marijuana is 4-8 months with various stages, and each stage demands an unprecedented amount of growth supplement.  

Furthermore, to grow a qualitative marijuana plant, it’s essential to know about the life cycle of the plant. In this article, we introduce the seven key stages of the marihuana plant cycle. It will help beginners to understand the requirements and growth process of the plant. 

  1. Germination

Picking the right quality of strain, auto-flowering seed or feminized seed, is the initial step of growing marijuana. It takes 24 hours to 2 weeks, depending on the genes of the plant. Fresh and clean seeds are considerable for germination, and growers prefer female plants as they contain trichomes that offer a high effect of marijuana. 

2. Seedling

Seedling is the second stage of growing marijuana in which the seed top appears at the surface of the earth. In this stage, the plant starts developing the root, and it goes for 2-3 weeks.  

3. Vegetative stage

It’s the stage where the plant rapidly starts growing, and the parts of the plant get thicker and mature than before. The development of nodes and the thickness in the stem also begins in this phase.  

4. Flowering stage

In this stage, the plant approaches the flowering stage, in which the plant exposes several medical qualities. In this phase, the plant requires 8-12 hours of sunlight in a day. Your plant soil will require more potassium and phosphorus-enriched nutrients. 

5. Harvesting

When your plant gets ripe, it needs harvesting. It’s the stage in which the hues of pistils transform their colour and become milky white to reddish-orange in colour. Trichomes oozing comes out from the ripe buds of the cannabis plant. THC and CBD begin to develop at this stage that maximizes the cannabinoid profile. 

6. Pruning

It’s the stage in which you separate, cut, and through the useful and unuseful parts from the plant. This process makes sure to provide a smokable bud. It involves trimming, cutting, and picking.

7. Developing next life cycle

Once you complete the stages of growing marijuana, you will ultimately say that I love growing marijuana. It’s a plentiful process that rewards you with delicious and potent buds. For further growing, follow the same stages. 

Final Thoughts 

Marijuana cultivation involves several technical practices and methods. Its life cycle contains specific stages that ensure the quality of the plant. It’s essential to put extra effort into caring for the marijuana seed so that you will get vigorous and potent marijuana. 

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