4 Ways to Create Christmas Flyers for Your Business

Christmas is around the corner and it’s time for you to chalk out your Christmas promotional plans. People will be out for the seasonal shopping and there is a higher chance for you to boost your sales too.

Flyer printing allows you to connect to your customers in a better and faster manner. Due to their both hand-to-hand and mailing nature, flyers let you effectively promote your brand. However, to have an effective brand promotion, you need to have an effective flyer design.

Here are 4 ways you can create an effective Christmas flyer:

Shapes and sizes

Custom-shaped flyers are one of the best ways for you to imbibe the Christmas vibe in your flyers. Opt for shapes that resemble Christmas, like star-shaped, diamond-shaped, triangle-shaped, heart-shaped, and so on.

As far as size is concerned, you can choose from a long range of sizes including 3 x 4, 4 x 6, 5 x 8, 6 x 9, 8.5 x 11 flyers, and many more.

Many online printing services also provide die-cut shaped flyers that can be used to reflect the nature of your business in a better manner. For example, a gift shop can opt for a star-shaped flyer or a diamond-shaped flyer to incorporate the Christmas vibe.

The most important thing in flyer printing is to have a flyer that carries the message perfectly without losing the customer’s attention. Shaped flyers carry your message in a way that makes them acquire a spot in the minds of your customers along with a touch of professionalism. Keeping these 4 points in mind will help you create Christmas flyers for your Christmas promotion and bring higher sales.


Christmas is colorful. So should be your flyers. Keeping in mind the Christmas and winter vibe, add colors to your flyers that your customers will be able to relate to in a better manner. Incorporate colors like red, green, white, silver, and all such bright colors that are representative of Christmas.

A great way to enhance the colors of your flyers is by adding a gloss finish. This makes the colors shine brighter and also promotes the Christmas season. Flyer printing services have other finishes like matte, coated, uncoated, white linen, etc. Opt for one that suits your brand.


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Images tend to remain longer in the minds of people rather than just texts. This is why incorporating high-quality images in your flyers is a good option for you. The image can be of the product(s) on which you are giving the deals or discounts. You can also add small images of Christmas trees and bells to show the Christmas vibe.

Special Deals

Christmas is a time of surprises and presents. Keeping this in mind you can provide your customers with special deals and surprise offers to increase your sales. Provide discounts on your older stocks to increase footfall.

A great way to add the element of surprise is by opting for folder flyers. This will require the customers to open the flyers only to find their favorite products at lower prices.

Many services of online printing provide bi-fold and tri-fold flyers which you can put to use according to your purpose. If you have a handful of different discounts, offers, and deals, you can opt for these.

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